"Artworks are the virtual traces of a ceaseless process of becoming." -- Henri Focillon

"THESE HANDS" call for entries

"THESE HANDS" call for entries
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FLUX-USA welcomes visitors from over 40 countries daily. Artists, curators, and other arts leaders who wish to contribute to this blog, please contact me. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com


September 2012

Christine A. Tarantino - Hjuler BROTKATZE collaborations on exhibit at FzKKe Gallery, Germany, Sept. 1 - 30, 2012. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/brotkatzen-exhibit-opens-sept-1.html

With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

THESE HANDS PRAY FOR GERONIMO, a visual poem of American Indians, by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

Christine A. Tarantino's ECDYSIS, snake skin artist book exhibited with 99 other book artists in Italy, curated by Maddalena Castegnaro. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/mirabilibrimostra-internazionale-di.html

Christine A. Tarantino, Sign and Language Group Exhibit, Open Stal, The Netherlands.

Christine A. Tarantino series of 40,"Being Human" published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #20, Ireland.

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine Tarantino is published by Words of Light now available in print or eBook formats. New version includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries plus additional text and images by Christine Tarantino.

August internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist STEVE RANDOM. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/08/steve-random-usa.html

WORDS OF LIGHT BOOKS, Art Publications By Contemporary Artists, new blog offering various format books published by Christine A. Tarantino. www.wordsoflightbooks.blogspot.com

Christine A. Tarantino/Words of Light publishes THE SKY EMBRACES THE GREAT WORLD by Walter Festuccia. http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-festuccia/the-sky-embraces-the-great-world/paperback/product-20294750.html

Christine Tarantino, "Instant Person 1 & 2", self-portraits with Polaroid Camera for POLAROID MADNESS, project of Franticham, Ireland. On-line exhibit and exhibition Kassel, Germany during the DOCUMENTA 2012.http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/02/no-426-instant-person-1-2.html
Exhibition "INSTANT PEOPLE"250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.11.– 23. Juli 2012 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Mittwoch, dem 11. Juli 2012 ab 19 Uhr möchten wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich in denKasseler KunstvereinWerner-Hilpert-Straße 2334117 Kassel, einladen.

Christine A. TARANTINO, "Ecdysis" artist book exhibited at Villa Excelsa, Sannicola, Italia. Curator, Maddalena Castegnaro
Opening night: http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/07/naturalia-animalia-artist-book-exhibit.html

July internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Anna Banana, Darlene Altschul, & John Mountain.

"THESE HANDS" call for entries, newest project from Christine TARANTINO.

June internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Antoni Miró.

"Fear No NewNew Art" artist book published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #19, Ireland.

"E-mail Between the Artist & Her Lover" artist book exhibited Villa Giulia, Italia. Curator Marisa Cortese.

"WHO AM I?" artist book exhibited Mostra Internazionale, Italia. Curator Virginia Milici.

"RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", art booklet by Bruno Chiarlone published in Italy. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/05/red-lips-of-christine-tarantino-by.html

May internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist RYOSUKE COHEN.

Christine TARANTINO, "RED LIPS FOR DALAI LAMA" exhibition @ INviso, Padiglione TIBET, Associazione
Sal Viana frazione Saliana Pianello del Lario (CO)curated by Ruggero Maggi. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/04/inviso-padiglione-tibet-cura-di-ruggero.html

April internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artists Daniel C. Boyer and Richard Canard. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/04/daniel-c-boyer-richard-canard.html

Christine Tarantino, "NEWNEW ART Mono-Prints" published in
"Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 18", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

DODODADIANI featured this month in internet art exhibit at
Christine Tarantino Collection. Dododadiani internet art exhibit.

RED LIPS Project: What is your version for me? Send to:
tarantinochristine@yahoo.com or RED LIPS, Box 121, Wendell, MA 01379 USA
"Sometimes I need red apple. Sometimes I need red
Nam June Paik
Your RED LIPS art modification will yield online documentation, mailed
documentation, and potential publication. Please include a mailing address with
your submission.

Christine Tarantino, "Better Together: Harmony; Radiance; Consciousness; Evolution",
International Mother Language Day Art Exhibit, Kathmandu, NEPAL, by invitation of Rafique Sulayman, Curator.

Christine Tarantino, "Flux-USA Gallery of Stars with Lucy Chew Intervention" http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/12/no-403-flux-usa-galaxy.html
exhibited in Group Show: Fluxfest Chicago 2012 (Chicago, USA) FROM THE ARCHIVE Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis. Opening reception Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

February online art exhibits from 'The Christine Tarantino Collection' features Belgian artists Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/01/guido-vermeulen-and-gerson-wenglinski.html

Christine Tarantino, "RED-BERRY Series" published in "Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 17", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.
http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-377-red-berry-stained-series.html http://www.redfoxpress.com/ass.box17.html

FAX Exhibit, The DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA, curated by Ribas; organized by The Drawing Center and ICI, NYC. TARANTINO "I of the EYE-FAX", asemic writing series: http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-416-i-of-eye-fax.html

Wooden Postcard Exhibit, Stehekin Post Office, Stehekin, Washington, USA. Work by Christine Tarantino: http://christinetarantino.blogspot.com/2012/01/outgoing-wooden-postcards-mail-art.html

Christine Tarantino, "PhotoBooth" work published in new book, "Photobooth Performances" by Ginny Lloyd.

Christine Tarantino, Mail Art and Video Performance at Galleriea Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy, January 28 - February 8, 2012. Project of Maurizio Follin, Italia. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-commercial-potential-phaze-ii-show.html

Christine Tarantino, RED LIPS for Dalai Lama, collage exhibited at Venice Biennial Tibet Pavilion – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Sala Nervi - Torino, project of Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy.

Christine Tarantino exhibited at Foundation IK New Year Celebration Exhibit "I WISH", The Netherlands, by invitation of Ko de Jonge.

The Christine Tarantino Collection, newest Christine Tarantino art blog started on January 1, 2012. Showcasing selected works from my 20 year collection of works on paper from artists around the globe.

Christine Tarantino-Hjuler BROTKATZE Collaboration exhibited at GALERIE "Offenes Atelier D.U. Design", Austria, Barbara Rapp, Curator.


Keith Haring: 1978-1982 at Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati--e-flux

Keith Haring: 1978–1982 February 26—September 5, 2011 Contemporary Arts Center Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art 44 East 6th Street Cincinnati, Ohio 513.345.8400 www.contemporaryartscenter.org

The Contemporary Arts Center: Only U.S. Stop for Groundbreaking Show 'Keith Haring: 1978–1982'

The public has a right to art. Art is for everybody.
 —Keith Haring

Keith Haring ranks among the most iconic, influential and popular artists in the world. Nearly twenty years after his death, the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)—along with co-organizer Kunsthalle Wien—presents a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the vibrant and experimental years of his early career. The show traces the development of Haring's visual vocabulary and includes rarely seen—and many never-before exhibited—drawings and sketchbooks, journals, videos, flyers, posters, photographs and subway drawings, as well as word collages, texts, and diaries. Keith Haring: 1978–1982 chronicles the artist's arrival in New York City from his native Pennsylvania and his immersion in New York's dynamic downtown scene. The exhibition peers into this crucial time when Haring started a diligent and vigorous studio practice, began making public and political art on the city streets and enjoyed an exhilarating social life. This is also the period when he enrolled at the School of Visual Arts and quickly befriended fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf, as well as many of the most innovative musicians, poets, performance artists and graffiti writers of the period. These relationships play a role in the exhibition, as many of the items on view reveal Haring's role as a prolific facilitator of group exhibitions and performances, and his untiring pursuit of new strategies and channels for distributing his art to the people. Examining both Haring's street art and studio practice, as well as his distribution techniques, the show positions Haring on an art historical timeline that later includes Shepard Fairey, Rosson Crow, SWOON and others. CAC Director and curator of Keith Haring: 1978–1982, Raphaela Platow, explains "Curating this show was exciting because it delves into aspects of Haring's life and production that have received little attention to date: the development of his own unique style and language and his thoughtful approach and philosophy of what it means to be an artist." Julia Gruen, executive director of the Keith Haring Foundation and Haring's former studio manager, adds, "Both the concept and content of this exhibition are incredibly important if one is to understand the origins of Haring's practice and visual vocabulary. Many of the included works come from our extensive archive and have never before been exhibited. These materials serve to broaden the public's understanding of a celebrated and influential, but frequently misunderstood, artist." Focusing strictly on the early years, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the artist's manifold maturing process. In doing so, Keith Haring: 1978–1982 offers the public a chance to view Haring, and his work, in a new light. Curated by Raphaela Platow, Alice & Harris Weston Director and Chief Curator, Contemporary Arts Center. Co-organized by the Contemporary Arts Center and Kunsthalle Wien. The Contemporary Arts Center gratefully acknowledges the sponsors who have made this exhibition possible: James A. and Mary Miller Allan Berliant and Jennie Rosenthal Berliant; Susan and Bill Friedlander Public Art Projects: The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation ArtsWave Corporate Partner: P&G

The Playlist

Scott Ewalt curated a selection of music the artist enjoyed between 1978 and 1982 to accompany the exhibition. In the section of the exhibition entitled "Subway Drawings" visitors can watch slides of Haring's subway art while listening to these songs play on a loop. The playlist can be found on iTunes.

The Catalogue

A catalogue was published to accompany this exhibition and can be purchased online through the CAC Store. Press images and inquiries: Molly O'Toole 513.345.8404 motoole@contemporaryartscenter.org

Venue Information and Dates About the Contemporary Arts Center

Founded in November 1939 as the Modern Art Society by three visionary women in Cincinnati, the Contemporary Arts Center was one of the first institutions in the U.S. dedicated to exhibiting the art of our time. In May 2003, the CAC relocated to its first free-standing home, the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, designed by Zaha Hadid. Throughout its distinguished history, the CAC has earned a reputation for stimulating thought and introducing new ideas by presenting the work of diverse artists from around the world, including hundreds of now-famous artists such as Laurie Anderson, Jasper Johns, Louise Nevelson, Nam June Paik, I.M. Pei, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, Kara Walker and Andy Warhol. The CAC focuses on new developments in painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, performance art and new media, presenting six to 12 exhibitions and over 20 performances annually. The CAC receives ongoing support from: Fine Arts Fund; Ohio Arts Council; The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, City of Cincinnati Arts Grant Recipient; The National Endowment for the Arts; the generous contributions and grants of individuals, corporations and other foundations; CAC memberships, facility rentals, special events and sales from the CAC Store. The Contemporary Arts Center is located in the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art at 44 East 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio / 513.345.8400 Gallery hours: Monday: 10am–9pm (FREE after 5pm) Tuesday: Closed Wednesday-Friday: 10am–6pm Saturday & Sunday: 11am–6pm Exhibition Dates: 'Keith Haring: 1978-1982' is on view February 26—September 5, 2011

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