"Artworks are the virtual traces of a ceaseless process of becoming." -- Henri Focillon

"THESE HANDS" call for entries

"THESE HANDS" call for entries
Click photo to view details of newest CHRISTINE TARANTINO project.

FLUX-USA welcomes visitors from over 40 countries daily. Artists, curators, and other arts leaders who wish to contribute to this blog, please contact me. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com


September 2012

Christine A. Tarantino - Hjuler BROTKATZE collaborations on exhibit at FzKKe Gallery, Germany, Sept. 1 - 30, 2012. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/brotkatzen-exhibit-opens-sept-1.html

With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

THESE HANDS PRAY FOR GERONIMO, a visual poem of American Indians, by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

Christine A. Tarantino's ECDYSIS, snake skin artist book exhibited with 99 other book artists in Italy, curated by Maddalena Castegnaro. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/mirabilibrimostra-internazionale-di.html

Christine A. Tarantino, Sign and Language Group Exhibit, Open Stal, The Netherlands.

Christine A. Tarantino series of 40,"Being Human" published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #20, Ireland.

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine Tarantino is published by Words of Light now available in print or eBook formats. New version includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries plus additional text and images by Christine Tarantino.

August internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist STEVE RANDOM. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/08/steve-random-usa.html

WORDS OF LIGHT BOOKS, Art Publications By Contemporary Artists, new blog offering various format books published by Christine A. Tarantino. www.wordsoflightbooks.blogspot.com

Christine A. Tarantino/Words of Light publishes THE SKY EMBRACES THE GREAT WORLD by Walter Festuccia. http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-festuccia/the-sky-embraces-the-great-world/paperback/product-20294750.html

Christine Tarantino, "Instant Person 1 & 2", self-portraits with Polaroid Camera for POLAROID MADNESS, project of Franticham, Ireland. On-line exhibit and exhibition Kassel, Germany during the DOCUMENTA 2012.http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/02/no-426-instant-person-1-2.html
Exhibition "INSTANT PEOPLE"250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.11.– 23. Juli 2012 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Mittwoch, dem 11. Juli 2012 ab 19 Uhr möchten wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich in denKasseler KunstvereinWerner-Hilpert-Straße 2334117 Kassel, einladen.

Christine A. TARANTINO, "Ecdysis" artist book exhibited at Villa Excelsa, Sannicola, Italia. Curator, Maddalena Castegnaro
Opening night: http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/07/naturalia-animalia-artist-book-exhibit.html

July internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Anna Banana, Darlene Altschul, & John Mountain.

"THESE HANDS" call for entries, newest project from Christine TARANTINO.

June internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Antoni Miró.

"Fear No NewNew Art" artist book published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #19, Ireland.

"E-mail Between the Artist & Her Lover" artist book exhibited Villa Giulia, Italia. Curator Marisa Cortese.

"WHO AM I?" artist book exhibited Mostra Internazionale, Italia. Curator Virginia Milici.

"RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", art booklet by Bruno Chiarlone published in Italy. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/05/red-lips-of-christine-tarantino-by.html

May internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist RYOSUKE COHEN.

Christine TARANTINO, "RED LIPS FOR DALAI LAMA" exhibition @ INviso, Padiglione TIBET, Associazione
Sal Viana frazione Saliana Pianello del Lario (CO)curated by Ruggero Maggi. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/04/inviso-padiglione-tibet-cura-di-ruggero.html

April internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artists Daniel C. Boyer and Richard Canard. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/04/daniel-c-boyer-richard-canard.html

Christine Tarantino, "NEWNEW ART Mono-Prints" published in
"Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 18", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

DODODADIANI featured this month in internet art exhibit at
Christine Tarantino Collection. Dododadiani internet art exhibit.

RED LIPS Project: What is your version for me? Send to:
tarantinochristine@yahoo.com or RED LIPS, Box 121, Wendell, MA 01379 USA
"Sometimes I need red apple. Sometimes I need red
Nam June Paik
Your RED LIPS art modification will yield online documentation, mailed
documentation, and potential publication. Please include a mailing address with
your submission.

Christine Tarantino, "Better Together: Harmony; Radiance; Consciousness; Evolution",
International Mother Language Day Art Exhibit, Kathmandu, NEPAL, by invitation of Rafique Sulayman, Curator.

Christine Tarantino, "Flux-USA Gallery of Stars with Lucy Chew Intervention" http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/12/no-403-flux-usa-galaxy.html
exhibited in Group Show: Fluxfest Chicago 2012 (Chicago, USA) FROM THE ARCHIVE Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis. Opening reception Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

February online art exhibits from 'The Christine Tarantino Collection' features Belgian artists Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/01/guido-vermeulen-and-gerson-wenglinski.html

Christine Tarantino, "RED-BERRY Series" published in "Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 17", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.
http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-377-red-berry-stained-series.html http://www.redfoxpress.com/ass.box17.html

FAX Exhibit, The DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA, curated by Ribas; organized by The Drawing Center and ICI, NYC. TARANTINO "I of the EYE-FAX", asemic writing series: http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-416-i-of-eye-fax.html

Wooden Postcard Exhibit, Stehekin Post Office, Stehekin, Washington, USA. Work by Christine Tarantino: http://christinetarantino.blogspot.com/2012/01/outgoing-wooden-postcards-mail-art.html

Christine Tarantino, "PhotoBooth" work published in new book, "Photobooth Performances" by Ginny Lloyd.

Christine Tarantino, Mail Art and Video Performance at Galleriea Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy, January 28 - February 8, 2012. Project of Maurizio Follin, Italia. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-commercial-potential-phaze-ii-show.html

Christine Tarantino, RED LIPS for Dalai Lama, collage exhibited at Venice Biennial Tibet Pavilion – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Sala Nervi - Torino, project of Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy.

Christine Tarantino exhibited at Foundation IK New Year Celebration Exhibit "I WISH", The Netherlands, by invitation of Ko de Jonge.

The Christine Tarantino Collection, newest Christine Tarantino art blog started on January 1, 2012. Showcasing selected works from my 20 year collection of works on paper from artists around the globe.

Christine Tarantino-Hjuler BROTKATZE Collaboration exhibited at GALERIE "Offenes Atelier D.U. Design", Austria, Barbara Rapp, Curator.


Inauguració Exposició d'Antoni Miró a Muro, 1 de juny 2012 a les 20,30

Antoni Miró

Premio Iberoamericanode Cuento JULIO CORTAZAR / por Luis Morado.


Oncena edición del
Premio Iberoamericano de Cuento Julio Cortázar
El Instituto Cubano del Libro, la Casa de las Américas y la Fundación ALIA convocan a la novena edición del  Premio Iberoamericano de Cuento Julio Cortázar, creado por la prestigiosa escritora y traductora Ugnè Karvelis, con el objetivo de estimular a los narradores de Iberoamérica. El premio, que tiene una frecuencia anual, fue concebido además como un homenaje al gran escritor argentino, uno de los mayores de nuestra lengua.
Los concursantes deberán regirse por las siguientes BASES:
Podrán participar todos los autores iberoamericanos. Los interesados deben presentar un cuento inédito, en español, de tema libre, que no esté comprometido con ningún otro concurso ni se encuentre en proceso editorial.
Los autores enviarán tres copias del cuento, cuya extensión máxima no debe sobrepasar las 20 cuartillas mecanografiadas a dos espacios y foliadas.
Los relatos estarán firmados por sus autores, quienes incluirán sus datos de localización. Es admisible el seudónimo literario, pero en tal caso será indispensable que lo acompañe de su identificación personal.
Las obras deberán ser enviadas, antes del 15 de julio de 2012 a:
Premio Iberoamericano de Cuento Julio Cortázar
Centro Cultural Dulce María Loynaz
19 y E, Vedado, Plaza,
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

O a:

Premio Iberoamericano de Cuento Julio Cortázar
Casa de las Américas
3ra, esquina a G, Vedado, Plaza,
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.
El jurado estará  integrado por destacados narradores y críticos. Se conocerá su decisión en agosto de 2012.
Se otorgará un premio único e indivisible que consistirá en: 1 500.00 euros, la publicación del cuento premiado en la revista literaria La Letra del Escriba, tanto en su versión impresa como electrónica, así como su publicación en forma de libro junto con los relatos que obtengan menciones, volumen que se presentará en la Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana de 2013.
La premiación se realizará en La Habana el 26 de agosto de 2012, aniversario del natalicio de Julio Cortázar.
No se devolverán los textos concursantes.

Presidente de Honor del concurso: Miguel Barnet
Coordinadora general: Basilia Papastamatíu

Yoko Ono, -flux

Yoko Ono


6 June - 16 September 2012

Moderna Museet

Curator: Cecilia Widenheim.
Yoko Ono is a pioneer of conceptualism and the international Fluxus movement, and has been sharing
her message of peace and love with the world for nearly 60 years. The Moderna Museet exhibition
highlights Yoko Ono’s book Grapefruitfrom 1964 and features selected instruction pieces that encourage
new, imaginative ways of looking at life and creating art. For the exhibition Yoko Ono has made a new
piece called Summer Dream and a new instruction piece, that some 20 artists have been invited to
respond to. Moreover, Yoko Ono will realise two of her works together with the public on Djurgården
in Stockholm during the full-moon night between 4 and 5 June.

Grapefruit is a seminal collection of texts, so-called instruction pieces, and has been reprinted in
many editions since 1964.

"I named my first book of instructions with the name of the fruit I loved. Grapefruit is a hybrid of
orange and lemon and to me, it represented East and West , the two cultures in my life which gave
the instructions the power of the Universe. Have fun with it." Yoko Ono

In the 1950s, Yoko Ono had already begun experimenting in the borderland between music, performance,
poetry and visual art. She used the concert and event formats as a place where the audience was
encouraged to enact her ideas, or simply to think and develop them in their own minds. With a background
in classical music composition and studies in philosophy, Yoko Ono began writing “scores” for art, that
is, instructions that could be interpreted again and again by audiences and colleagues. In each new
context, new expressions and nuances arise, depending on who is doing it and where. Yoko Ono’s
practice is therefore a unique prelude to conceptualism, which emerged in the 1960s. In an era of
radical change, artists were eschewing the notion that art was primarily physical objects to be
produced and consumed. They challenged the traditional art concept and began working with ideas,
sounds, actions and time as artistic materials. Language became a key element.

"Grapefruit is undoubtedly one of the world’s ten best artist’s books. It has everything – humour,
poetry and breathtaking, inspiring ideas. With her experimental films and instruction pieces,
Yoko Ono is a unique voice in 1960s avant-garde art. And as a woman and conceptual artist, she
is a strong role model for a new generation of artists", says Cecilia Widenheim, curator of the exhibition.

One of Yoko Ono’s most famous instructions is Cut Piece from 1964, which the artist herself has
performed on several occasions. The enacted situation consists of Yoko Ono sitting on a stage
before an audience, with a pair of scissors in front of her, inviting the audience to cut pieces from
her clothing. Filmed documentations of Cut Piece, from 1965 and 2003 and several of Yoko Ono’s
legendary Fluxfilms will be shown in the exhibition at Moderna Museet. Yoko Ono’s films have a
unique position in 1960s experimental film-making. Several of them are based on instructions
published in Grapefruit – for instance, the film No. 1 (Match), which is based on the text Lighting
Piece from autumn 1955: “Light a match and watch till it goes out.”

For the exhibition at Moderna Museet, Yoko Ono has written a new instruction, Search for the
Fountain. The text has been sent to some 20 artists who have been invited to respond to the text
in various ways. Search for the Fountain is a distinct example of how Yoko Ono intentionally lets
the materialisation of her artistic ideas lie open to interpretation, but also how she assumes that
viewers will handle and reinterpret the concept from their own perspectives. Among the participating
artists are VALIE EXPORT, Tris Vonna-Michell, Julieta Aranda, Simone Forti and Emily Roysdon.
For all participating artists, please visit Moderna Museet Press.

Fullmoon night at Djurgården in Stockholm
Yoko Ono’s works Evening till Dawn (1964) and Secret Piece (1953) will take place on the night
between 4 and 5 June on Djurgården in Stockholm . The event is arranged in conjunction with the
exhibition Yoko Ono: Grapefruit. The event consists of two parts: Evening till Dawn, which starts
at dusk (approx 9.30 pm) on 4 June; and the second part, Secret Piece, in which three musicians
improvise in the grove to the first sounds of the dawn. Secret Piececan be enjoyed between
around 3.00 am and 4.00 am on 5 June. The meeting place is Café Ektorpet at Waldemarsudde
on Djurgården. RSVP by 1 June to: press@modernamuseet.se

The exhibition is supported by Vinge.

Invitation to the press preview on 5 June at 14 pm - 15.30 pm of Yoko Ono: Grapefruit.
Introduction by the director of Moderna Museet, Daniel Birnbaum, co-director Ann-Sofi Noring,
and the curator Cecilia Widenheim.

RSVP for the press preview by Monday 4 June to:

Moderna Museet


above imageFrom left:

Yoko Ono, Grapefruit,
Simon & Schuster , New York , 1970, book orginally published in 1964

13 Days Do-It-Yourself Dance Festival for Oslo .
Broadcast at NRK Radio P2, Kulturbeitet, January 24 - February 9, 2005


Gianpaolo PAGNI new book, Redfoxpress

A new book from renowned french artist Gianpaolo Pagni in the series
"C'est mon dada" from Redfoxpress.

You can order online with Paypal at
or with email to info@redfoxpress.com
The book is also available at Amazon

Gianpaolo Pagni"Senza Pensare - Inventario"
"Without thinking - An inventory"
Drawings / stencils / collage / rubberstamping.
A6 format - 40 pages - laser printing.
Thread and quarter cloth binding
May 2012
price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling

Jean-Pierre Alis

Art tout foot : carte blanche à
Jean-Pierre Alis

Galerie du Tableau
37, rue Sylvabelle. 13006 Marseille
Téléphone : 04 91 57 05 34. Fax : 09 58 63 05 34
Heures d'ouverture de la galerie :
de lundi au vendredi de 10h à 12h et de 15h à 19h.
Le samedi de 10h à 12h et de 15h à 18h
Exposition du 04 au 16 juin 2012
Vernissage le lundi 04 à partir de 18h30

Le travail de Jean-Pierre Alis a toujours exercé sur moi une certaine fascination. Il a pendant quarante ans assuré, pratiquement à lui tout seul, l'existence de la représentation des arts plastiques contemporains à Marseille. Il a pris depuis peu une retraite active puisque je le soupçonne de se livrer à l'écriture (et je l'espère). C'est un peu en lisant qu'on devient écrivain.
Je lui ai proposé une carte blanche à la Galerie du Tableau,voici quelques temps, et il a choisi, à l'occasion de la coupe d'Europe de football, de reprendre de façon réduite, lieu oblige, l'exposition montée en 1998 avec le concours de la Fondation Regards de Provence, “Art tout foot“.
Cette manifestation réunissait deux équipes d'artistes, soit 24 partenaires avec les remplaçants, Jean-Pierre Alis a privilégié, à cette occasion, de présenter le travail de Bruno Guittard.
Bernard Plasse

Cheryl PENN, South Africa


No words needed here, except very sweet.

VISUALIZZARTE (videoart), Gruppo Sinestetico

9-10 june 2012
Inauguration opening : Saturday 9 june (17 pm)
Inaugurazione : Sabato 9 giugno (ore 17)
Museo del Vetro
Rustico Villa Draghi
Montegrotto Terme (Pd)
the director of the Museum of the Glass of Montegrotto Thermal baths (Giampiero Cudin), it organizes event of Videoart, 2 days in the month of June, healer will be (Matteo Cudin ) curator.
inauguration opning : Saturday 9 june (17 pm)
inaugurazione : Sabato 9 giugno (ore 17)

Myznikova/Provorov (RU)
IngridMwangiRobertHutter (Germany)
BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany)
Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
Regina Josè Galindo (Guatemala)
Hervè Constant (UK)
Silvio De Gracia (Argentina)

Adam Nankervis (UK)
David Medalla (UK)
Boris Nieslony (Germany)

Orario apertura museo:

  • Lunedì chiuso
  • Martedì, mercoledì, giovedì e
  • venerdì dalle ore 15 alle ore 17.30
  • Sabato e domenica: 15:00 - 19:00
  • Su prenotazione +39 0498910635

RED LIPS Laminated

Christine Tarantino, laminated red lips self-portraits for Fluxus Assembling Box, project of Redfoxpress, Ireland.

“Atmosfere Oniriche” di Pippo Altomare, Italia

Chiesa San Calogero – Nicosia (EN)
dal 1 giugno al 20 giugno 2012
“Atmosfere Oniriche” di Pippo Altomare
A cura di Nino Arrigo e Gianfranco Labrosciano
Venerdì 1Giugno, alle ore 19.00, presso la chiesa San Calogero di Nicosia, attesa inaugurazione della personale del maestro Pippo Altomare di Sperlinga.

La rassegna, dal titolo “Atmosfere oniriche”, attinge dal serbatoio astratto ed espressionista dell’artista che trova, in una folta selva di simboli e metafore, lo spunto per scandagliare, a vario titolo, i territori della psiche.
Attraverso una significativa selezione di lavori, la mostra offre l’occasione di conoscere l’intera opera dell’artista in bilico tra suggestioni concettuali e fisicità espressiva, in una dialettica continua tra una pittura di tipo costruttivista ed una di tipo espressionista. Quella di Pippo Altomare è un’arte di carattere mentale, ideale, ispirata a quanto più di irreale ed irrazionale si cela dietro ai sogni. La sua pittura non finisce di affascinarci e di farci riflettere portandoci, opera dopo opera, sogno dopo sogno, a rincorrere, riconoscere o ricordare una storia fatta di immagini evocate attraverso colori cangianti e forme naturali, petali, foglie e realtà di risonanza vegetale.
Nella stessa serata della mostra, che sarà inaugurata dal critico Gianfranco Labrosciano, il Dott. Nino Arrigo annuncerà ufficialmente la nascita dell'associazione culturale Museo del Presente, vera e propria novità nell’ intero territorio ennese.
Un evento di particolare interesse che conferma la naturale vocazione culturale del territorio della Venere di Morgantina, della Villa del Casale e del soffitto ligneo dipinto unico in Europa, e della sua inclinazione nei riguardi delle arti figurative e non solo. Obiettivo del Museo del Presente è, infatti, quello di rendere manifesta, dopo anni di oblio, l’inclinazione naturale di questo territorio al mondo dell’arte in tutte le sue sfaccettature.
L’allestimento della mostra è a cura di Filippo Altomarein collaborazione con Gina Scardino, Santino Barbera e Giuseppe Scarlata.
Informazioni tecniche
Chiesa di San Calogero
Via Fratelli Testa – Nicosia – (EN)
Ingresso gratuito
dal 1 al 20 giugno
dalle ore 17:00 alle ore 22
in collaborazione con:
Sovrintendenza dei beni culturali e ambientali di Enna, Università “Kore” di Enna, Diocesi di Nicosia, Kiwanis (sezione di Nicosia), SiciliAntica (Nicosia-Sperlinga), Associazione G. Forti-Natoli (Sperlinga), FIDAPA (sezione di Nicosia), Italia Nostra,
A.R.S. - Banca di Credit Cooperativo “La Riscossa” di Regalbuto
cell. 3480512104
Ufficio Stampa
cell. 3207504774


Gli Italiani Prosparare

Christine Tarantino, "Gli Italiani Prosparare", laminated collage, 2012.
Reconstruction project of Claudio Romeo, Italia.

PringaDa with Red Lips!

"Just arrived in Tasmania... Christine A. Tarantino's Red Lips book by Brhuno Chiarlone Mru Debenedetti... So I've painted my lips RED to celebrate...!! (something I very rarely do) ;-)
Thank you Christine for this project, it was great fun making the red lips video for you, and thank you Bruno for producing a wonderful book with such interesting work from all the artists! :-)"


Christine TARANTINO, "Reconstruzione", collage with self-portraits, 2012.
Claudio Romeo project, Italia, www.dododada.ning.com


"FOR GUILLERMO DEISLER" by Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti

Bruno Chiarlone's beautiful art booklet in memory of his friend Guillermo Deisler.

To order a copy, contact Bruno: bchiarl@tin.it

Lothar TROTT, Switzerland

Lothar Trott, 'card is a card' documentation.

Christine Tarantino contribution



New Art Blog from Rodolfo TORRES, Uruguay

New art blog with entries on PUNK, SURREALISM, DADA, etc.
VI Temporada



son los nuevos medios de TENDALES/sl para la difusión teórica de los
grandes movimientos artísticos que de alguna manera influenciaron
nuestras acciones y asimismo de la palabra y el pensamiento de
nuestros ARTISTAS, ya que además del aporte de sus creaciones en si
mismo, es importante saber su pensamiento y su palabra.
El blog www.tendaldecuadernos.blogspot.com
serán de manera diferente, medios participantes de un proceso de
difusión a partir de lo antes mencionado.

Primer Contenido.

- La cultura PUNK
-EL HACKTIVISMO en el Arte. /
Marcos Umpiérrez.
- EL GLICHT: el Arte del error. /
Marcos Umpierrez


TARANTINO artist book "Who Am I?" in Calligraphic Artist Book Exhibit, Sala Mostra, Curator Virginia Milici, Italia

Christine TARANTINO work, top row center.

Outside the expos center.

Vernissage Mostra Internazionale libri d'artista a confronto with Valtero Curzi, Curator Virginia Milici, Mayor Elena Basso, and Domenico Basso.
Photos courtesy of Curator Virginia Milici.


I received some copies this week and am very pleased with the high quality printing of the art booklets. Bruno did a great job with the layout of the artists' works in full-colour. My share of any profits from the sale of this booklet will go directly to International Child Art Foundation or UNICEF, both charities for children.
The first goup of artist documentations were mailed this week, so be on the lookout! 
-- Christine Tarantino
To order your  copy of "RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", contact Bruno: bchiarl@tin.it

TARANTINO artist book @ Villa Giulia, Curator Marisa Cortese

Villa Giulia Expos Space

Photos: Tone White
Project of Instituto Ferrini, courtesy of Prof. Marisa Cortese

Fluxus Assembling Box #19, Redfoxpress

Don't miss out this highly collectible box with 23 original signed works.
You can order with Paypal online at
Of course you can order also simply by email to info@redfoxpress.com

Franticham's Assembling Box


A5 box with contributions from 23 invited artists from 10 countries
Visual poetry, collages, prints, multiples and objects
40 copies signed and numbered 1/40 to 40/40
May 2012
Only 15 copies available for sale
Price: 70 euro / 100 $ / 60 UK st.

Contributions from:

Reed Altemus, USA - Antic-Ham, South Korea - Anna Banana, Canada - Vittore Baroni, Italy
John M. Bennett, USA - Anna Boschi, Italy - Keith Buchholz, USA - David Dellafiora, Australia
Picasso Gaglione, USA - Joaquin Gomez, Spain - Antonio Gomez, Spain - Klaus Groh, Germany
Jennie Hinchcliff, USA - Mikula Luellwitz, Germany - Serse Luigetti, Italy - Sergi Quinonera, Spain
Guenther Ruch, Switzerland - Litsa Spathi, Netherlands - Pete Spence, Australia - Carol Stetser, USA
Christine Tarantino, USA - Andrew Topel, USA - Francis Van Maele, Ireland

some of the contributions:


MoMa, New York
Sackner Archive for Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami
Tate Library and Archive, London
Avant Writing Collection at Ohio State University
Virginia Common Wealth University
Stendhal Gallery, George Maciunas Foundation, New York
Monash University Library, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
State Library of Victoria, Rare Printed Collections, Melbourne
Stiftung Lyrik Kabinett, Muenchen, Germany
University of Brighton, UK
Edinburgh College of Art Library, UK
Glasgow School of Art Library, UK
University College of London
Arts Council England, Manchester, UK
The Poetry Library, London
Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK
Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK
Winchester School of Art Library, UK
University for the Creative Arts at Farnham, UK
Julia Vermes Sammlung, Basel, Switzerland

and private customers in Austria, Australia, Germany, Ireland, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, USA, Cyprus, Luxembourg and South Korea.


Dugort, Achill Island
County Mayo, Ireland
(yes no postal code)

WEBSITE - http://www.redfoxpress.com
BLOG - http://franticham.blogspot.com
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FACEBOOK - Francis Van Maele

WEBSITE - http://www.polamad.com
BLOG - http://polaroid-madness.blogspot.com/

Tel.: 00353 - (0)98 - 43784

Recent publications: http://www.redfoxpress.com/new.html
Visual Poetry collection: http://www.redfoxpress.com/dada.html
Screen prints: http://www.redfoxpress.com/prints.html

Fairs and exhibitions

Editionale, Koeln 2-4 March 2012
Marché de la Poésie, Paris, 14-17 June 2012
Seoul Artists' Book Fair 20-24 June 2012
Kasseler Kunstvereinsheim/
Parallelaustellung documenta 13, 11-23 July 2012
London Artists' Book fair, Whitechapel, 21=23 September 2012
New York Art Book Fair, 27-30 September 2012
Frankfurt Book Fair, 10-14 October 2012
Small Publishers book fair, Conway Hall, Nov. 2012
Galeria AT, Poznan, Polen, 10-21 December 2012
Codex Book Fair, Berkeley, California, 10-13 Febr 2013

Books can be ordered by email to Info@redfoxpress.com
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most books also at www.amazon.co.uk

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Barabara ROSENTHAL @ Fourth Street Photo Gallery, NYC tonight!

TONIGHT IN NEW YORK! Come join me!!

On Thursday, May 24, the Fourth Street Photo Gallery will present "DECADE OF MADNESS: COLD TURKEY AT THE DOG RUN", a photo-projection, reading and talk by BARBARA ROSENTHAL about the physical, emotional, psychological and creative events during her struggle to rid body and brain of twelve years of psychiatric medications, and the book of that title currently in development.

The topic will include Rosenthal's thoughts about photography, and all art, as a manifestation of the artist's "soul and psyche," and her directive to "photograph in a trance-state."

The photo-projections will include many images from her "Surreal Photography" work, particularly from the portfolios "Trapped Figures", "Dangerous Locations", "Renegade Horses", "Dogs in the City", and "NYC."

Central to the recovery process was the rhythm of taking her dog, Russel, to Washington Square at daybreak after sleepless, panicked, pain-wracked nights of withdrawal, observing the small things that go on in that protected environment over the course of a summer.

Rosenthal has relentlessly chronicled her life in Journals for 50 years, and released her mind in Photography for 40. Candidly revealing her own experience in image and text, she molds plastic elements like time, repetition, structure and description, using the physical space of the dog run to explore psychological space, and to create a counterpoint between several overlapping societies: human and animal; stranger and family; group and individual; familiar boundaries and the unknown outer world.

For this extremely introspective artist, self-examination is also a vehicle for universal examination. When discussing this with her, Barbara Rosenthal said, "Ultimately, everyone faces some form of desperation, and every sensitive person faces the question of why go on living, or how to go on living, how to justify one’s own life, especially a life in the arts, when surrounded by the undeniable brutality of life beyond one’s own safe gates"

Thursday, May 24.
Reception: 8pm.
Projection, Reading & Talk: 9pm.

Alex Harsely, Director
Fourth Street Photo Gallery
67 E. 4th St.
NY, NY 10003
gallery tel: 212-673-1021
Subway: 6 to Bleeker, or F/M to 2nd Ave, or L to 1st Ave.
To contact the artist before the show, call 646-368-5623.
Gallery Website:
Barbara Rosenthal's Surreal Photography Website: http://www.emedialoft.org/artistspages/frameSurrealSpecial.htm


foto mostra MIRABILLIBRI, Il VELIERO PARLANTE, Castello di Copertino-Lecce

in mostra 74 Libri degli Artisti sottoelencati. Lo spazio affidatomi mi ha costretto, come sempre, a una scelta. Chissà che qualcuno in futuro non mi conceda un intero castello o una residenza a più piani! Spero che l'esposizione di tutti i vostri libri risulti chiaramente documentata.
Le foto iniziali rappresentano l'avvio della Manifestazione "Il velerio parlante", mostra di libri realizzati dalle Scuole del territorio che hanno aderito al Progetto.
Tutta l'ala del piano terra del Castello era un tripudio di Libri coloratissimi.
La nostra mostra era invece collocata nel piano nobile superiore, raggiungibile atttraverso una comoda scalinata.
Fioccano intanto richieste di altre Mostre anche al Nord.
Parola d'ordine : persistere e resistere.
Arrivederci a luglio con le vostre nuove meraviglie.
Grazie a tutti

Artisti presenti:
Mara Caruso
Grupo AzUL (Brasil)
Prota Giurleo
Petric Martin
DI Don Francesco
Prota Giurleo
Oficina do Livro de Artista (non ho mail)
Kohler Jeanete

residente Associazione VerbaManent

Responsabile del Presìdio del Libro IDROMELE di SANNICOLA-TUGLIE
Responsabile del Fondo Archivio del Libro d'Artista DROSOS_ SANNICOLA

Ricerca e riflessione su temi, aspetti, specificità della natura e del mondo animale

Via M. L. King 7 - 73017 - SANNICOLA (LE)
tel/fax 0833 232261
info associazione :

22.mai 2012 Loop Hole Berlin,Germany

22.mai 2012
Loop Hole

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"Be Attentive" Performance, Tymkiv & Stratiychuk

At the opening of the exhibition (Wilhelm Schramm "BOX-EXHIBITION 50 woodcut prints") Lubomyr Tymkiv & Andrew Stratiychuk have done a performance "be attentive" (in the garage gallery "тимутопіяпрес" - Lviv, Ukraine, may 11, 2012).


Dame MAILARTA, Canada