"Artworks are the virtual traces of a ceaseless process of becoming." -- Henri Focillon

"THESE HANDS" call for entries

"THESE HANDS" call for entries
Click photo to view details of newest CHRISTINE TARANTINO project.

FLUX-USA welcomes visitors from over 40 countries daily. Artists, curators, and other arts leaders who wish to contribute to this blog, please contact me. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com


September 2012

Christine A. Tarantino - Hjuler BROTKATZE collaborations on exhibit at FzKKe Gallery, Germany, Sept. 1 - 30, 2012. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/brotkatzen-exhibit-opens-sept-1.html

With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

THESE HANDS PRAY FOR GERONIMO, a visual poem of American Indians, by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

Christine A. Tarantino's ECDYSIS, snake skin artist book exhibited with 99 other book artists in Italy, curated by Maddalena Castegnaro. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/mirabilibrimostra-internazionale-di.html

Christine A. Tarantino, Sign and Language Group Exhibit, Open Stal, The Netherlands.

Christine A. Tarantino series of 40,"Being Human" published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #20, Ireland.

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine Tarantino is published by Words of Light now available in print or eBook formats. New version includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries plus additional text and images by Christine Tarantino.

August internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist STEVE RANDOM. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/08/steve-random-usa.html

WORDS OF LIGHT BOOKS, Art Publications By Contemporary Artists, new blog offering various format books published by Christine A. Tarantino. www.wordsoflightbooks.blogspot.com

Christine A. Tarantino/Words of Light publishes THE SKY EMBRACES THE GREAT WORLD by Walter Festuccia. http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-festuccia/the-sky-embraces-the-great-world/paperback/product-20294750.html

Christine Tarantino, "Instant Person 1 & 2", self-portraits with Polaroid Camera for POLAROID MADNESS, project of Franticham, Ireland. On-line exhibit and exhibition Kassel, Germany during the DOCUMENTA 2012.http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/02/no-426-instant-person-1-2.html
Exhibition "INSTANT PEOPLE"250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.11.– 23. Juli 2012 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Mittwoch, dem 11. Juli 2012 ab 19 Uhr möchten wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich in denKasseler KunstvereinWerner-Hilpert-Straße 2334117 Kassel, einladen.

Christine A. TARANTINO, "Ecdysis" artist book exhibited at Villa Excelsa, Sannicola, Italia. Curator, Maddalena Castegnaro
Opening night: http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/07/naturalia-animalia-artist-book-exhibit.html

July internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Anna Banana, Darlene Altschul, & John Mountain.

"THESE HANDS" call for entries, newest project from Christine TARANTINO.

June internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Antoni Miró.

"Fear No NewNew Art" artist book published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #19, Ireland.

"E-mail Between the Artist & Her Lover" artist book exhibited Villa Giulia, Italia. Curator Marisa Cortese.

"WHO AM I?" artist book exhibited Mostra Internazionale, Italia. Curator Virginia Milici.

"RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", art booklet by Bruno Chiarlone published in Italy. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/05/red-lips-of-christine-tarantino-by.html

May internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist RYOSUKE COHEN.

Christine TARANTINO, "RED LIPS FOR DALAI LAMA" exhibition @ INviso, Padiglione TIBET, Associazione
Sal Viana frazione Saliana Pianello del Lario (CO)curated by Ruggero Maggi. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/04/inviso-padiglione-tibet-cura-di-ruggero.html

April internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artists Daniel C. Boyer and Richard Canard. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/04/daniel-c-boyer-richard-canard.html

Christine Tarantino, "NEWNEW ART Mono-Prints" published in
"Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 18", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

DODODADIANI featured this month in internet art exhibit at
Christine Tarantino Collection. Dododadiani internet art exhibit.

RED LIPS Project: What is your version for me? Send to:
tarantinochristine@yahoo.com or RED LIPS, Box 121, Wendell, MA 01379 USA
"Sometimes I need red apple. Sometimes I need red
Nam June Paik
Your RED LIPS art modification will yield online documentation, mailed
documentation, and potential publication. Please include a mailing address with
your submission.

Christine Tarantino, "Better Together: Harmony; Radiance; Consciousness; Evolution",
International Mother Language Day Art Exhibit, Kathmandu, NEPAL, by invitation of Rafique Sulayman, Curator.

Christine Tarantino, "Flux-USA Gallery of Stars with Lucy Chew Intervention" http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/12/no-403-flux-usa-galaxy.html
exhibited in Group Show: Fluxfest Chicago 2012 (Chicago, USA) FROM THE ARCHIVE Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis. Opening reception Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

February online art exhibits from 'The Christine Tarantino Collection' features Belgian artists Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/01/guido-vermeulen-and-gerson-wenglinski.html

Christine Tarantino, "RED-BERRY Series" published in "Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 17", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.
http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-377-red-berry-stained-series.html http://www.redfoxpress.com/ass.box17.html

FAX Exhibit, The DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA, curated by Ribas; organized by The Drawing Center and ICI, NYC. TARANTINO "I of the EYE-FAX", asemic writing series: http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-416-i-of-eye-fax.html

Wooden Postcard Exhibit, Stehekin Post Office, Stehekin, Washington, USA. Work by Christine Tarantino: http://christinetarantino.blogspot.com/2012/01/outgoing-wooden-postcards-mail-art.html

Christine Tarantino, "PhotoBooth" work published in new book, "Photobooth Performances" by Ginny Lloyd.

Christine Tarantino, Mail Art and Video Performance at Galleriea Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy, January 28 - February 8, 2012. Project of Maurizio Follin, Italia. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-commercial-potential-phaze-ii-show.html

Christine Tarantino, RED LIPS for Dalai Lama, collage exhibited at Venice Biennial Tibet Pavilion – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Sala Nervi - Torino, project of Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy.

Christine Tarantino exhibited at Foundation IK New Year Celebration Exhibit "I WISH", The Netherlands, by invitation of Ko de Jonge.

The Christine Tarantino Collection, newest Christine Tarantino art blog started on January 1, 2012. Showcasing selected works from my 20 year collection of works on paper from artists around the globe.

Christine Tarantino-Hjuler BROTKATZE Collaboration exhibited at GALERIE "Offenes Atelier D.U. Design", Austria, Barbara Rapp, Curator.


Art & Poetry workshop held in Bangladesh

Art & Poetry Fusion

I am thankful to poet Shafique Alam Mehdi (Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment), Mr. Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui (Deputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank), Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar (eminent media-personnel), artist Mostafizul Haque, Hossain M. Farook, Chanchal, Masudur Rahman, Dr. Matiur Rahman, Hasan Chowdhury, journalist Jabber Hossain, photograher S.A. S A Shahriar Ripon, Mr. Belayet Hossain, Dr. Nurul Amin, Zinat Zulfiqur Chhobi, Shuvo Saha,singer Bilu Siddiqui, Emtiwaz Ahmed Roney and master chef Kutu Bawarchi for making the fusion successful.
Held on July 29, 2011 at Studio Vertical; organized by Buriganga Arts & Crafts.

Rafique Sulayman


Marcel Duchamp & Beatrix Potter, famous birthdays July 28th

"If it's not shocking, it's not worth doing..."

The Creative Act:
"Let's consider two important factors, the two poles of the creation of art:
the artist on one hand, and on the other, the spectator who later becomes the posterity."

"...it's the posthumous spectactor, because the contemporary spectator is worthless, in my opinion. His is of minimum value compared to that of posterity, which, for example, allows some things to stay in the Louvre."

Beatrix Potter, artist, storyteller, countrywoman...more than just bunnies.
Beatrix Potter may be best known as the creator of charming characters like Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle and Hunca Munca, but, as is true in most lives, she was in reality many other things, as well. A product of Victorian times, she far surpassed societal expectations of women of her era and class. She was an accomplished botanical illustrator, a sheep breeder and farmer, a wife, and a conservationist greatly devoted to her home, the Lake District of England.

[book-arts] "Library Thoughts", Budapest 2011

The Raday Kepeshaz and The HMC cordially invite you for the
AIR/HMC, MAVF, and Library Thoughts, Budapest exhibition

Raday Kepeshaz, 1092 Budapest, Raday utca 25.

August 24 - September 16, 2011

Opening reception: Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00pm
Opening remarks by Gyorgy Orban
Curator: Beata Szechy - HMC, Istvan Sziranyi -president of the Hungarian BookArt Association

Exhibiting International Artists:
Bandy Laszlo-H, Marton Barabas-H, Lorena Carbajal-GB, Laara Cassells-CDN, Michael Connors-WI, Nick Davies-UK, Andrea Eis-MI, Melissa Gasparotto-NY, Gert-Jan van den Bemd-NL, Liz Goldberg-PA, Cynthia Gregory-KY, Susan Hase-AUS, Matthew Herring-UK, Enrico Hirashima-SGP, Melanie Irwin-AUS, Sandee Johnson-NC, Naomi Kasumi-WA, Csilla Kelecsenyi-H, Roberta Lavadour-OR, Andras Lengyel-H, Kichung Lee Lizee-TN, Kate Morrell-UK, Catherine Nicolas-F, Tibor Pataki-H, Pamela Paulsrud-IL, Roland Ruisz-D, Melissa Smith-TX, Valeria Sovaradi-H, Holly Streekstra-IN, Beata Szechy-H, Istvan Sziranyi-H, david K (Thompson)-CT, Christopher Troutman-IL, Nancy Kay Turner-CA, Laszlo Sandor Vasvari-H, Alice Chebba Walsh-NY, Deborah Whistler-IN
AIR/HMC, Budapest:
Pip Brant-FL, Elaine Byrne-IRL, Joan Edlis-UK, Michal Gavish-CA, Julia Hitchcock-TX, Benjamin Page-CA, Jinhee Park-UK, Tilley Stone-KY, Paulo Cesar Teles-BR, Joshua Watts-UAE
Video Artists:
Ophir Agassi-NY, Lesley Ash-OH, Charlotte Cornaton-F, EQUΔLΔTERΔL (Emily DiCarlo, WJ Wilson, Jacqui Arntfield)-CDN, Rajorshi Ghosh-OH, Liz Goldberg-PA, Yunna Kim-NY, Christine Lucy Latimer-CDN, Levy Li Sva-IL, Valeria Lopez-CA, Sebastian Mundwiler-CH, Bridget Riversmith-MN

The exhibition is supported by Raday Konyveshaz Kft. - www.radaykonyveshaz.hu & HMC -


TENDALES DE RBC en el Centro Cultural J.E.RODÓ de Santa Lucía.

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Participation -with Festival Miden- in screenings at Kardamili, ManiWednesday, July 27, 2011 11:59 AMFrom:

Dear all
We are happy to inform you that Festival Miden’s themed video art programs LOL and MONOBALANCE –in which you participate– will be screened at the beautiful town of Kardamili, Mani (Greece), in the context of the photography exhibition “Planet bicycle”.
More info on this very interesting exhibition and very soon on our website www.festivalmiden.gr
The programs
1. Nenko Genov, Where is your head, Bulgaria 2010, 6.54
2. Jeroen Nelemans, Red Alert, USA 2008, 1.42
3. Jose Salas, Totes Kino, Germany 2010, 4.32
4. Boe-lin Bastian, Jellies (Coupling Series), Australia 2010, 4.13
5. Stefan Adamski, Induction, Poland 2010, 3.16
6. Chiara Balsamo, MI2 from outer space, Italy 2010, 2.32
7. Yuliya Lanina, Dodo-Valse, USA 2010, 2.46
8. Eva Olsson, Repeating itself, Sweden 2010, 3.42
9. Christin Bolewski, Universal tourist, Germany 2010, 7.46
10. Jenn Berger, Cheeta, USA 2009, 0.43
11. Rudolf Costin, O dada, Romania 2010, 1.43
12. Joacélio Batista, If I ask myself, Why do my lips refuse to answer?, Brazil 2010, 3.00
13. Timo Wright, Self-Portrait, Finland 2010, 2.19
14. GRUPPO SINESTETICO, This is art, Italy 2007, 0.30
15. Wolf D. Schreiber, 60 seconds out of humour, Germany 2010, 1.00
16. MOBTIK, Departure 09:15, Germany 2010, 0.05

1. Jun’ichiro ISHII, Butter Cow, Taiwan / France 2011, 6.28
2. Jennifer Ross, Caught in Mise en Scene, UK 2010, 3.35
3. Jonas Nilsson, Idiopathic, Sweden 2010, 3.20
4. Jacob Tonski, Balance Study, Threshold , USA 2008, 1.00
5. LIAO Chi-Yu, Mega-rich Breakfast, Taiwan 2010, 6.00
6. Sarah Buckius, …stacking…stacking…stacking…, USA 2009, 7.28
7. Gérard Cairaschi, Enchantment, France 2010, 6.35
8. Félix Fernandez, Ich allein auf fremde wegen, Spain / Germany 2011, 6.00
9. Kelly Oliver and Keary Rosen, Second Firing, USA 2010, 2.33
10. Tina Willgren, The Polymoids, Sweden 2010, 2.51
11. Albert Merino, The trace of salt, France 2010, 7.40

Thanks once again for your participation in Festival Miden and best wishes to everyone for a wonderful summer!
The festival's team
(Kindness of Antonio Sassu)

comunicato stampa mostra Gianni Mantovani

Spett.le Redazione,
invio l'annuncio della mia prossima mostra con preghiera di darne la più ampia diffusione.

"Dal 30 luglio al 28 agosto presso il Castello di Sestola (Mo) saranno esposte le opere pittoriche dell'artista Gianni Mantovani, docente presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.
La mostra dal titolo "Nel Vento" è accompagnata da un catalogo con scritti critici di Mario Bertoni e Giorgio Celli.
L'inaugurazione è stata fissata per sabato 30 luglio alle ore 17 alla presenza del Vicepresidente della Provincia di Modena Mario Galli, del critico Mario Bertoni e di rappresentanti dell'Amministrazione Comunale.
Orari d'apertura: tutti i giorni dalle 9 alle 12 e dalle 16 alle 19
Per informazioni: Azienda Turistica di Sestola tel. 0536/62324"

Rimango a sua completa disposizione per ogni chiarimento e precisazione.
Ringraziando sentitamente per l'attenzione, confido nella vostra disponibilità.

Gianni Mantovani
Via Bosco n.40
41033 Concordia (Modena)



(Kindness of) João Bosco
Artista Plastico e Ilustrador da Folha de São Paulo
em construção

George Bernard Shaw, famous birthday July 26th

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

"People who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it." - George Bernard Shaw

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1925




You are cordially invited at the daylong workshop titled 'Jugalbondi : Art & Poetry' organized by Buriganga Arts & Crafts and Vertical. Chief Guest : Poet Shafique Alam Mehdi (Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Bangladesh). Special Guests : Prof Samarjit Roy Choudhury, Prof Mostafizul Haque & Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar. Venue : Studio Vertical (Hemayetpur, Savar).

Friday July 29, 2011.

Your kind presence shall highly be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Rafique Sulayman, Curator

Amit GOSWAMI, Ph.D. on Creativity in The Quantum Activist Workbook

"George Bernard Shaw’s
Heartbreak House could
very well take place
even in this twenty-first
Ellie: A soul is a very expensive thing to keep:
much more so than a motor car.
Shotover: Is it? How much does your soul eat?
Ellie: Oh, a lot. It eats music and pictures
and books and mountains and lakes and
beautiful things to wear and nice people 22
to be with. In this country you can’t have them
without a lot of money: that is why our souls are
so horribly starved.
But like Ellie, what most of us don’t realize is
that what starves the soul is not the lack of money
to consume soul-food, but the lack of creativity
to produce soul-food. And when mediocrity and
consumerism produce soul starvation en masse
the creative people in our society, instead of
being the heroes whom we follow toward the
evolution of consciousness, become “outsiders”
whom we mistrust as “too dangerous” to follow as
We cannot respect creative people unless
we ourselves appreciate the value of creativity
enough to become producers as well as
consumers of soul food."

[I N V I T O] A Locus Animae l'ultimo video del Gruppo Sinestetico



Domani sera, 26 luglio, a Locus Animae, ci sarà la presentazione dell'ultimo video del Gruppo Sinestetico (Albertin, Sassu, Scordo): Homage to Joseph Beuys. Sinestesia, per il Gruppo, è un pensiero filosofico. Significa operare in arte a contatto con la natura coinvolgendo i 5 sensi, come nella filosofia beuysiana, che si basa sulla protezione dell'ambiente e dell'uomo che in esso vive, la solidale e libera collaborazione e comunicazione tra uomini di differenti culture, origini, religioni, stati sociali, economici e politici. Dalle ore 21.00.

Il Gruppo Sinestetico
Gruppo Sinestetico (Albertin, Sassu, Scordo)

Via Alessandrini 40 35038 Torreglia Pd

Mail – sassu@grupposinestetico.it


1999 Fondazione Gruppo Sinestetico (manifesto ) Albertin M. Perseghin M. Sassu A. ) Torreglia Pd Italy

2001 49th Biennale di Venezia Bunker Poetico and Happening Virtual Venice Italy

2001 PERFORMANCE a cura di Inga Pin , E.Miccini , E.Jappe , Mantova Italy

2002 Manifesta 4 Frankfurt Project FREE MANIFESTA (curator Sal Randolph ) Kunstverein Frankfurt Germany

2002 London Biennale 2002 Actions Synesthetics (video) director David Medalla , London Inghilterr

2002 Liverpool Biennial 2002 Project “ Liberarti “ (video) curator Karen Eliot Liverpool Inghilterra
2003 Gallery 291 Film Screenings + Performance (Video)curated by Gulsen Bal London Inghilterra

2003 Biennale Kyoto 2003 Kyoto Japan

2003 50th Biennale di Venezia 2003 “Extra 50” Brain Academy Apartment Venezia Italy

2003 Museo da Imagen Florianopolis “sinesteticamente” (curator Flavia Fernandes) Florianopolis Brasile

2004 London Biennale 2004 London Inghilterra

2004 Liverpool Biennial 2004”Precipitation” (Museum MAN curator Adam Nankervis ) Inghilterra

2004 VII Bienal do Reconcavo (Rio de Janeiro) 6 nov 2004 - 22 gennaio 2005 Reconcavo Brasile

2005 Biennale Hong Kong 2005 China

2005 Web Biennial 2005 Museum Art Contemporary Istanbul Turkye

2005 WPS1 Art radio 51°Biennale Venezia and MoMA N.Y.

2005 RAM Radio Arte Impetus 51° Biennale VE (ideatore M.Pistoletto curat. A Bonito Oliva) Italy

2006 5+5 Gallery Brooklyn New York Usa

2006 London Biennale 2006 London Inghilterra

2006 Museo Casabianca “Worn Contagion Pollinations” Malo (Vicenza ) Italy

2006 Museo Historico de Santa Catarina Florianopolis (Brasile)

2006 Palais de Tokyo images libres 2006 Paris FRANCIA

2006 Biennial Liverpool 06 collateral project “INDEPENDENDENTS” 2006 Liverpool UK

2006 10th Biennale Architettura Venezia 2006 Zitelle Collateral Project Venezia ITALY

2007 -2005-2003-Museum New Art (Mona) International Video Festival Detroit USA

2007 Web Biennial 07 Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum TURKEY

2007 Studio.ra “Chi vuoi eliminare “ ? (personale Gruppo Sinestetico ) Roma ITALY

2007 P3 Project collateral - 52° Biennale d’Arte 2007 Venezia ITALY

2007 Joseph Beuys “Difesa della Natura” (collateral) 52° Biennale Venezia Spazio Thetis Venezia ITALY

2007 Athens Bienial 2007 Artwaveradio Athens GRECIA

2008 The (Self) Promotion Show – Supermasochist - Gallery Apexart New York , N.Y. (USA)

2008 London Biennale 2008 “Pollinations” and “Arrows” London UK

2008 Liverpool Bienal Indipendents 2008 HeadSpace , Liverpool UK

2008/2009 IX Bienal do Reconcavo , BRASILE

2009 CaC 09 4° Annual Festiva Art . Uttarakland , INDIA

2009 Open , International Performance art Festival Beijing CHINA

2009 Visions in New York , video and still exibition , New York – USA

2010 Catodica 5 Stazione Rogers (curat. M. Campitelli) , Trieste ITALY

2010 Fluxus Museum # 4 Forth Woth Texas USA

2010 Lost & found – Internationales Festival der Fotografie- Ruhr Biennale Duisburg , GERMANY

2010 London Biennale 2010 , London UK

2010 Ruhr Biennale 2010 Duisburg GERMANY

2010 Independents Liverpool Biennial , Gallery4allarts , Liverpool UK

La scheda di Locus Animae
Titolo: Locus Animae, sesto episodio. Biennale Out Off
Dove: foyer del Kursaal, piazza Brescia 13, Jesolo (Venezia)
Quando: dal 22 luglio al 7 agosto
Inaugurazione: venerdì 22 luglio, ore 19.00
Finissage: domenica 7 agosto, ore 21.00
Orari apertura: dalle 20.00 alle 23.00
Artisti partecipanti alla mostra: Saturno Buttò, Roberta Coni, Sergio Curtacci, Ignazio Fresu, Chris Gilmour, Cristina Iotti, Jara Marzulli, Stefano Momentè, Rocco Normanno, Roberta Padovani, Silvio Porzionato, Vania Elettra Tam, Mattia Trotta
Catalogo: in mostra
Organizzazione: Next Italia con la collaborazione e il patrocinio del Comune di Jesolo
Progetto: Stefano Momentè e Circolo Artistico di Jesolo
Il blog: http://locus-animae.blogspot.com/
Gli eventi in programma
Ricco il programma di eventi collaterali, in continuo aggiornamento. A cominciare dalla vernice, curata da Aldo Trivellato, con la presenza di gran parte degli artisti, il 22 luglio alle ore 19.00. Martedì 26 luglio, alle 21.00, Homage to J. Beuys, presentazione video del Gruppo Sinestetico. Mercoledì 27 luglio, alle 21.00, Salvatore Cacace, accompagnato alla chitarra da Gianandrea Fasan, presenterà Molotov dal cielo. Venerdì 29 luglio, alle 21.00, ci sarà una performance artistica di Stefano Zanus. Martedì 2 agosto alle 21.00, una performance di lettura teatrale a più voci. Mercoledì 3 agosto alle 21.00, Ciò che è stato è ciò che sarà, lettura teatrale. Venerdì 5 agosto, alle 21.00, Piero Simon Ostan accompagnato da Le cose sicure presenterà Pieghevole per pendolare precario. Domenica 7 agosto, alle 21.00, finissage.
(Kindness of Antonio Sassu)


MON JUGEMENT + My Judgement + Mi juicio + MIJN VEROORDELING + .....


Ils m’ont jugé devant les fleurs

Les fleurs se sont tues

Les jours ont parlé…

Une accusation a pénétré mes yeux

J’ai clamé mon innocence

Ils ne m’ont pas écouté…

Je sais

Les fleurs pensaient à quelque chose

Les nuits m’en sont témoins

Je les ai suppliés de m’écouter

Les déclarations des étoiles

Ils n’ont pas écouté.

En plein milieu des nuits

Mon cœur s’est senti encerclé

Je me suis laissé emporter

Par les obscurités

Qui bandent mes yeux…

Ma solitude était plantée dans mon cœur

Je n’ai pas pu expliquer

Que je n’avais personne

Ils n’ont pas écouté…

Ils m’ont jugé devant les fleurs

Ils ont lié les nuits

A mes bras

Et ils m’ont exilé dans le noir

Tout seul…

J’ai clamé mon innocence

Ils n’ont pas écouté.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

Istanbul, le 21.12.1972

Traduit par Yakup YURT

My Judgement

They have judged me in front of the flowers.

The flowers are dead,

the days have spoken.

An accusation pierced my eyes

and I proclaimed my innocence.

They did not listen.

I know the flowers were thinking,

the nights are my witnesses.

I implored them to listen

to what the stars declared.

They did not hear.

In the middle of the night,

my heart surrounded,

I let myself be blindfolded

with obscurities

and swept away,

loneliness planted in my heart.

I could not explain that I had no one,

they would not listen.

They judged me in front of the flowers

and tied the nights to my arms.

They exiled me to darkness

all alone.

I proclaimed my innocence.

They did not listen.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

Magnanville – 01.01.1999

Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français

French free verse translated into English free verse

by Joneve McCormick - 2003


Yargıladılar beni çiçeklerin önünde

Çiçekler sustu

Günler konuştu ...

Gözlerimin içine girdi bir suçlama

Ben suçsuzum, dedim

Dinlemediler ...


Bir düşündüğü vardı çiçeklerin

Geceler şahidimdir

Dinleyin, dedim

Yıldızların söyleyişlerini ...


Yüreğime sarılan gece yarıları

Bıraktım kendimi

Gözlerimi bağlayan

Karanlıklara ...

Saplanmıştı yüreğime yalnızlığım

Anlatamadım kimsesizliğimi

Dinlemediler ...

Yargıladılar beni çiçeklerin önünde

Geceleri bağladılar


Ve bir karanlığa sürdüler beni


Ben suçsuzum dedim


Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

İstanbul, 21.12.1972

¤ Bu şiir 18.01.2002 tarihinde, sevgili Feray ULAK ve Hasan GÜRBÜZ’ün yöneticiliklerini yaptığı

TRT Türkiye’nin Sesi Radyosu „ Bir Selam da Kendine Ver“ proğramında

spiker Sevgili Beyhan GÜNALP tarafından okunmuştur.

Meine Verurteilung

Sie haben mich vor den Blumen gerichtet

die Blumen haben sich zerstört

die Tage haben gesprochen.....

eine Beschuldigung hat meine Augen durchdrungen

ich habe meine Unschuld hinausgeschrien

sie haben nicht zugehört.....

Ich weiss

die Blumen haben an etwas anderes gedacht

die Nächte sind meine Zeugen

ich habe sie angefleht mir zuzuhören

die Erklärung der Sterne

sie haben nicht zugehört.

Inmitten der Nächte

hat sich mein Herz eingekreist gefühlt

ich habe mich hinweg tragen lassen

durch die Finsternis

die meine Augen verbunden hat.....

meine Einsamkeit wurde in mein Herz gepflanzt

ich konnte nicht erklären

dass ich niemanden habe

sie haben nicht zugehört....

Sie haben mich vor den Blumen gerichtet

sie haben die Nächte

an meine Arme gebannt

und sie haben mich in die Dunkelheit verbannt

ganz allein.

Ich habe meine Unschuld hinausgeschrien

sie haben nicht zugehört.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

Von übersetzt seiend : Monika SCHUDEL



Mi hanno processato

davanti ai fiori

I fiori si sono uccisi

I giorni hanno parlato.

L'accusa ha perforato i miei occhi

Ho gridato la mia innocenza

Essi non mi hanno creduto.

Lo so

I fiori pensavano a


Le notti mi sono testimoni

Io li ho supplicati di


Le dichiarazioni delle stelle

Essi non mi hanno creduto.

Nella profondità delle notti

Il mio cuore si è sentito


Io mi sono lasciato trasportare


Che ha bendato i miei occhi.

La solitudine era piantata nel


Non sono riuscito a spiegare

Che non avevo nessuno

Essi non mi hanno creduto.

Mi hanno processato

davanti ai fiori

Hanno legato le notti

Alle mie braccia

E mi hanno esiliato nel buio

Tutto solo.

Ho gridato la mia innocenza

Essi non mi hanno creduto.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

Istanbul, 21.12.1972

tradotto da : M.Eleonora Forno

Mi juicio

Ellos me han juzgado delante de las flores.

Las flores están muertas.

Los días han hablado.

Una acusación ha penetrado mis ojos

y yo he gritado mi inocencia

pero ellos no han escuchado.

Sé que las flores pensaban en cualquier cosa.

Los noches me son testigos.

Les he suplicado para que oigan

las declaraciones de las estrellas

pero ellos no han escuchado.

En mitad de la noche,

mi corazón se ha sentido encarcelado.

Me he dejado acorralar

por la oscuridad que nubla mis ojos.

La soledad está plantada en mi corazón.

No he podido explicar que estoy solo.

No me han escuchado.

Ellos me han juzgado delante de las flores,

han atado las noches a mis brazos

y me han exiliado solitario en las tinieblas.

Yo he clamado mi inocencia.

Ellos no han escuchado

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

İstanbul, 21.12.1972

Poemas traducidos al español, del francés e inglés,

por Mercedes Ortega González-Rubio

y Manuel Guillermo Ortega (Guillermo Tedio)


Zij hebben mij veroordeeld in ‘t aanschijn van de bloemen
De bloemen hebben zich van het leven beroofd
De dagen hebben gesproken...
Een beschuldiging is mijn ogen binnengedrongen
Ik heb mijn onschuld staande gehouden
Ze hebben niet geluisterd...

Ik weet
Dat de bloemen aan iets anders dachten
De nachten zijn het komen getuigen
Ik heb ze gesmeekt naar mij te luisteren
Naar de verklaringen van de sterren
Hebben ze niet geluisterd.

Midden in de nachten
Voelde mijn hart zich omsingeld
Ik heb mij laten meevoeren
Door de duisternissen
Die mijn ogen blinddoekten...
Mijn eenzaamheid werd geplant in mijn hart
Ik heb niet kunnen uitleggen
Dat ik niemand had
Zij hebben niet geluisterd...

Zij hebben mij veroordeeld in ’t aanschijn van de bloemen
Zij hebben de nachten gebonden
Aan mijn armen
En zij hebben mij verbannen in de donkerte
Heel alleen...

Ik heb mijn onschuld staande gehouden
Zij hebben niet geluisterd...

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

İstanbul, 21.12.1972
(Turkije- France)
vertaald naar het Frans van Yakup YURT door Henri Thijs

© Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI


© Mercedes Ortega González-Rubio

© Manuel Guillermo Ortega


ISSN: 0124 - 9282

Revista Trimestral de Estudios Literarios

Volumen VI – Número 22

Julio-Agosto-Septiembre de 2005


ISSN: 0124 - 9290




Barranquilla - Colombia

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Porto Santo’s Biennial 2011 (agosto)

GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu ,Scordo) is present with video and photo :
" Homage to J. Beuys "

Fonlad-Porto Santo’s Biennial
1 – 30 August, 2011
(IC Zero / Porto Santo’s Biennial Production)
Madeira – Portugal

In 2011 Fonlad will present a representative exhibition in the Biennial of Porto Santo and an exhibition of portuguese video art (in partnership with Project Videolab and Cologne Off) at the e-criativity, India.
Also will produce an exhibition of photography and digital painting at Icon Gallery, video art screenings at Wind Rose Space Center and site-specific installations integrated into the Spring Quarter Festival in Montemor-o-Velho – Coimbra – Portugal.

FONLAD in Porto Santo’s Biennial, Madeira – Portugal
1 – 30 August 2011

Presentation at the Biennial part of the festival’s collection. Participating artists:Photography / Digital painting: Alfonso Caputo (Italy), Antonio Azenha (Portugal), Benvinda Araujo (Portugal), Boskizzi (Italy), Carola Blanco (Venezuela), Cecilia Urioste (Brazil), Elizabeth Machado (France), Fernando Graça / Penousal Machado (Portugal), Jeroen Holthius (Holland), Jorge Simões (Portugal), Katie Bush (USA), Laura Castanedo (Mexico), Maro (Chile), Marco Bonvini (Italy), Moskall (Poland), Oscar Poliotto (Argentina), Patrick Millard (USA), Paulo Corte Real (Portugal), Tatiana Santos (Portugal).
International Video Screenings: Anders Weberg (Sweden), Caterina Davinio (Italy), Gruppo Sinestético (Italy), Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), Alysse Stepanion (USA), Arthur Tuoto (Brazil), Steven Hoskins(US)
Portughese video art screenings: António Olaio, Fernando José Pereira, Francisco Queirós, João Pombeiro, José Maçâs de Carvalho, Margarida Paiva, Maria Lusitano, Paulo Mendes, Susana Mendes Silva, Vasco Araújo.

Porto Santo’s Biennial
1 – 30 August, 2011
(IC Zero / Porto Santo’s Biennial Production)

LISBOA - ESPAÇO CULTURAL DAS MERÇÊS (espaço expositivo visível pela internet)
LISBOA - MOTOR HAIRPORT (espaço de laboratório para intervenção urbana no Porto Santo)

2011 / países participantes:
Alemanha, Angola, Argélia, Argentina, Áustria, Bélgica, Brasil, Canadá, Cuba, Cabo Verde, Espanha, Estados Unidos da América, França, Grécia, Guiné-Bissau, Israel, Itália, Japão, México, Moçambique, Noruega, Polónia, Reino Unido, Rússia, Síria, Suécia, Suíça, Tailândia, Taiwan, Timor Leste, Turquia, Uruguai, Vietname e Portugal.


IC-zero, Cultural Association.
Association turned to production and promotion of contemporary art;
from photography to the plastic arts, from performance to video and
digital art. Direction Paulo Corte Real.
(Kindness of Antonio Sassu)




Ihr lebt in einer Stadt, die in euch selber ist und die ihr
von einem
stillen Händler gekauft habt.
Ihr habt eure Schulden noch nicht beglichen.
Unter euren düsteren Augenlidern versucht ihr etwas zu empfinden.
Ohne euch bewusst zu werden, wie weit ihr euch schon von
euch selbst
entfernt habt, geht ihr weiter, in dem ihr eure
Gedankenseile wie einen
Sessellift benutzt.
Ihr habt ein Frösteln, je nach dem welche unzähligen
Elemente ihr berührt.
Mit euren Schreien, die ihr im Moment einer empfundenen
ausstösst, wenn das Echo eurer Worte die Gedankenpforte
verscheucht ihr alle Vögel um euch herum. Denn so verderben
eure Rosen
angesichts eurer Überlegungen. Und wegen euren verrückten
Momenten, fallen
eure Kristalle von euren Überdachungen.
Je nach dem wie euer Gedankenfeld enger wird, wächst eure
Stadt. Ihr werdet müde, weil ihr durch die inneren Strassen
und Gassen
Je nach dem wie das Licht eurer Anspannungsmaschine auf
eure Nächte fällt,
wird euer menschliches Sein zum Roboter.
Die Kröten eurer schmutzigen Gewässer machen selbst den
Krokodilen Angst.
Eure innere Reise lässt euch altern.
Eure inneren Schreie steigern sich.
Ihr produziert Schwierigkeiten auf allen Vieren.
Die Helferzellen eurer Laboratorien geben euch keine
Gelegenheit mehr, angenehme
Momente zu erleben.
Während der Zeiger eurer inneren Angst von unten bis oben
habt ihr gar keine Möglichkeit mehr euch zu äussern. Mit
jeder Bewegung der
Uhr, reissen sich die Jahreszeiten von eurem Herz.
Eure Einsamkeit hört nicht auf, euren Geist zu durchqueren.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Mantes la Ville, 22.09.2002
Von übersetzt seiend : Monika SCHUDEL


You live in your own inner city, which you bought in a
silent auction.
You were again unable to cancel your debts.
Under your blackening eyelids you try to feel certain
Without noticing your withdrawal from self, you leave for
distant parts
by using your ropes of thought like a ski-lift.
Your shudders increase as you touch the numberless elements.
In your screams at the moment when you feel the jolts
from the echoes
of your words crossing the threshold of your thought,
you send birds fleeing before you. As you breathe, your
roses wither.
In your moments of madness, crystals fall from your roof.
As your field of thought shrinks, your city expands. You
exhaust yourself
from running down the streets and avenues.
As the lamps of your voltage machines alight upon your
your humans robotize themselves.
The toads in your dirty waters frighten even the crocodiles.
Your inner journey makes you grow older.
Your internal cries amplify themselves.
You manifest difficulties with forty paws.
The auxiliary cells of your laboratories do not give you
the opportunity to live any pleasurable moments.
While the fear indicator inside you slackens you through
and through, you
have not
even the possibility of speaking. With each movement of
the clock,
the seasons rip themselves out of your heart.
Your solitude traverses your spirit without cease.

by Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Mantes la Ville, 22.09.2002
Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann

Ustedes viven en la ciudad
que compraron en una subasta silenciosa.
Nuevamente fueron incapaces
de pagar sus deudas.
Bajo sus pupilas ennegrecidas,
ensayan sentir ciertas cosas.
Sin darse cuenta de su propio distanciamiento,
parten lejos,
utilizando sus cuerdas de pensamiento
como un teleférico.
Su temblor aumenta
cuando tocan los incontables elementos.
Con sus gritos,
ponen en fuga a los pájaros,
cuando sienten las sacudidas dadas
por el eco de palabras que superan su pensamiento.
Con sus respiraciones,
las rosas se marchitan.
En los momentos de locura,
los cristales caen de sus tejados.
Cuando su radio de pensamiento se encoge,
su ciudad crece.
De tanto correr calles y avenidas,
ustedes se han fatigado.
Mientras las luces de tantas máquinas de tensión
invaden las noches,
sus seres humanos se robotizan.
En las aguas negras,
los sapos tienen miedo a los cocodrilos.
Su viaje interior los ha envejecido.
Sus alaridos interiores se amplifican.
Ustedes producen dificultades a cuarenta manos.
Las celdas auxiliares de sus laboratorios
niegan cualquier momento placentero.
Mientras sube y baja el indicador del miedo,
no tienen la posibilidad de hablar.
A cada movimiento del reloj,
las estaciones se separan de su corazón
y la soledad no deja de atravesar su espíritu.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Poemas traducidos al español, del francés e inglés,
por Mercedes Ortega González-Rubio
y Manuel Guillermo Ortega (Guillermo Tedio)

Gij woont in de stad die in uzelf aanwezig is en die gij in alle
stilte gekocht hebt.
Gij hebt uw schulden nog niet kunnen aflossen.
Onder Uw donker wordende wenkbrauwen probeert gij bepaalde
dingen te voelen.
Zonder u rekenschap te geven van uw vervreemding van uzelf, vertrekt
gijver weg door gebruik te maken van uw gedachtekoorden als een
stoeltjeslift.Gij huivert naarmate gij ontelbare elementen aanraakt. In
uw kreten, op het momentdat gij de schokken voelt van de echo’s van
uw woorden die de draagwijdte van uwwoorden overschrijden, doet gij
de vogels voor u wegvluchten. Tijdens uw zuchten,
verwelken uw rozen. Tijdens uw momenten van dwaasheid, vallen de
kristallen van
uw daken.
Naarmate uw gedachteveld krimpt, breidt uw stad zich uit. Gij put u uit
door te rennen
in de straten en lanen.
Naarmate de lichten van uw spanningsmachines vallen op uw nachten,
worden uw
menselijke wezens herleid tot robotten.
De padden van uw vuile wateren jagen zelfs de krokodillen de angst op
het lijf.
Uw inwendige reis doet u verouderen.
Uw interne kreten worden luider en luider.
Gij produceert moeilijkheden in de hoogste graad
de hulpcellen van uw laboratoria geven u niet de kans
om aangename momenten te beleven.
Terwijl in u de wijzer van de angst u laat vallen van hoog naar laag,
krijgt gij zelf de kans niet om te praten. Bij elk getik van het
uurwerk, scheuren de seizoenen zich los van uw hart...
Uw eenzaamheid blijft uw geest doorkruisen.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Mantes la Ville, 22.09.2002
(Turkije- France)
vertaald naar het Frans van Yakup YURT door Henri Thijs
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
© Mercedes ORTEGA GONZÁLEZ-RUBIO y Manuel Guillermo ORTEGA (Guillermo TEDIO)
© Yakup YURT
© Joneve McCORMICK
© Richard VALLANCE

ISSN: 0124 - 9282
Revista Trimestral de Estudios Literarios
Volumen V – Número 20
Enero-Febrero-Marzo de 2005

ISSN: 0124 - 9290
Barranquilla - Colombia
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Bien amicalement à vous,
Selam ve sevgilerimle.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Concepteur industriel - Architecte d'intérieur
İç Mimar – Endüstri Tasarımcısı
55, rue Louise Michel
78711 Mantes la Ville


¤ Em VERSO, a homenagem do PD à poeta Yêda Schmaltz, falecida em 10 de maio de 2003. E, ainda: a poesia visual de Avelino de Araújo; poemas que vêm de longe, de Üzeyir Lokman Çayci e poemas de AL-Chaer, Fernando Fiorese, Hideraldo Monteiro, Romy Bastos e Vitor Figueiredo.

Brasil, 15 de maio de 2003

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
“Uzeyir Lokman Cayci is a poet, a writer, a versatile artist... He was born in 1949 in Bor that is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey. He attended primary and high school there. And then he graduated as an Architect - Designer of Industry from The Fine Arts Academy of State in Istanbul. His important works are, Akşamların Durağı , Karar, he has many poetries, stories and articles as well. It was called every body attention to his fine arts drawing / painting pictures since 14 years old. His poetries were translated into French by Yakup YURT who loves art. The Reward of Eagerness was given by The Radio NPS of Holland in 1999 and The Reward of Palmares was given by The Organization of Les Amis de Thalie in France to him. He placed in a poem competition from the same Organization at the same year too. He works in The Center of Adult Education ( AFPA) at present.

illustrations (Resim) : Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI


Almandrade: Poética de la levedad

Poética de la levedad

Por Nicolas Bernard

El trabajo de Almandrade, tanto el pictórico como el
lingüístico, se ha impuesto a lo largo de todos estos años como un
lugar de reflexión solitario y al margen de la escena cultural de
Bahía. Después de unos primeros ensayos figurativos, en los inicios de
la década de los 70, cuando ganó una Mención Especial en el Primer
Salón Estudiantil en 1972, su investigación plástica se encaminó hacia
el abstraccionismo geométrico y el arte conceptual.

Como poeta, manteniendo contacto con la poesía concreta y con
los poemas/proceso, produjo una serie de poemas visuales. Con un
estudio más riguroso del constructivismo y del arte conceptual, su
arte se desarrolla entre la geometría y el concepto. Diseños en blanco
y negro, objetos y proyectos de instalaciones, esencialmente
cerebrales, basados en un procedimiento primoroso de tratar cuestiones
prácticas y conceptuales, marcan la producción de este artista en la
segunda década de los 70.

Un escultor que trabaja con el color y con el espacio y un
pintor que medita sobre la forma, el trazo y el color en la pantalla.
El arte de Almandrade dialoga con ciertas referencias de la
modernidad, reinventando nuevas lecturas. Trabaja con un mínimo de
elementos pictóricos, dos o tres colores, dos planos, dos o tres
texturas, un trazo, etc. Algo creativo que menospreciamos a primera
vista, pero que cuando estamos inmersos en el clima que nos ofrece,
encontramos como algo nuevo. La simplicidad que predomina en las
composiciones despierta la imaginación y el raciocinio.

Su poesía también traduce ese principio de una poética de lo
mínimo y de la levedad. Pocas palabras, versos cortos y sueltos,
sintéticos, muchos sin títulos y sin adornos. Artista plástico, poeta
y arquitecto, Almandrade (Antônio Luiz M. Andrade) es un pionero de la
contemporaneidad en Bahía, pero sin el reconocimiento que merece su
trabajo. Como dijo en cierta ocasión el poeta Cleber Borges:
"Almandrade es uno de aquellos personajes aparentemente descolocados
en el espacio y en el tiempo, que parece caminar hacia un lado, cuando
el reloj insiste en avanzar hacia delante". Así es su poesía y su

Su arte y su poesía, para unos pocos, están siendo reconocidos
en Brasil y en el exterior. En 1997 participa de la antología
Internacional Poetry Review, con un poema traducido por el poeta
americano Steven White. Hoy, el arte y la poesía de Almandrade
representan el otro lado de Bahía y tiene como tema de reflexión el
propio arte y el estar en el mundo. Se destaca por la diferencia y por
una trayectoria singular. Como afirma el poeta Haroldo Cajazeira,
Almandrade, sin dejarse devorar por la provincia, produce con su arte
"un saber sobre la imposibilidad de consistencia de un sistema de

Poetics of the lightness

By Nicolas Bernard

The work of Almandrade, both the painting and the
linguistic, has prevailed over all these years as a
place of reflection alone and apart from the cultural scene of
Bay. After a few early figurative trials, at the beginning of
the Decade of the 1970s, when he won a special mention in the first
Student Hall in 1972, his plastic research are directed towards
the geometric abstractionism, and conceptual art.

As a poet, while maintaining contact with the poetry specific and
the poems/process, produced a series of Visual poems. With a
more rigorous study of constructivism and conceptual art, their
art takes place between the geometry and the concept. Designs in white
and black, objects and facilities projects, essentially
brain, based on an exquisite procedural issues
practical and conceptual, mark the production of this artist in the
Second Decade of the 1970s.

A sculptor who works with the colour and the space and a
painter that meditates on the shape, the stroke and the color on the screen.
The art of Almandrade speaks with certain references in the
modernity, reinventing new readings. Works with a minimum of
pictorial elements, two or three colors, two levels, two or three
textures, a stroke, etc. Something creative that we menospreciamos to the first
view, but when we are engaged in the climate that offers
We find something new. The simplicity that predominates in the
compositions arouses the imagination and the intellect.

His poetry also reflects the principle of a poetic of the
minimum and the lightness. Few words, short and loose verses,
synthetic, many without titles and decorations. Artist, poet
and architect, Almandrade (Antônio Luiz M. Andrade) is a pioneer of the
contemporary Bay, but without the recognition it deserves your
work. As the poet Luxemburgo Borges once said:
"Almandrade is one of those seemingly misplaced characters"
in space and time, which seems to walk sideways, when
"the clock insists on moving forward." So is his poetry and his

His art and his poetry, for a few, are being recognized
in Brazil and abroad. In 1997 he participates in the anthology
International Poetry Review, with a poem translated by the poet
American Steven White. Today, the art and poetry of Almandrade
they represent the other side of the Bay and has as a theme for reflection the
own art and being in the world. Stands out for the difference and
a unique experience. As the poet Haroldo Cajazeira
Almandrade, without being devour for the province, produces his art
"a knowledge about the impossibility of consistency of a system of"

Hola, amigos en el arte

Hola, amigos en el arte! Como es costumbre envío a ustedes mis últimos trabajos. Espero que os encontréis bien de salud. Recientemente he publicado mi primer libro de poemas, Línea de Fondo en http://www.palibrio.com/, los invito a adquirirlo o a leerlo de manera digitalizada, si gustáis. Agradezco la atención,
abrazos fraternos
César Espino Barros


Alexander CALDER, famous birthday July 22, 2011

(Alexander Calder 1898 - 1976)

"Alexander Calder was born in 1898, the second child of artist parents—his father was a sculptor and his mother a painter... In 1976, he attended the opening of yet another retrospective of his work, Calder's Universe, at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Just a few weeks later, Calder died at the age of seventy-eight, ending the most prolific and innovative artistic career of the twentieth century. "


Thinking about Art from my Experience by ALMANDRADE

Thinking about Art from my Experience
Man protects himself through language, but in art the language is the path that takes you to the unknown, where the artist thinks about images to inhabit the intimacy of the world.
To contemplate a work of art is to share knowledge, to take on a set of ideas that belong to a secret code, unveiled by the thought of a look. To answer its challenge, we are always imagining realities and references, that are not made up from definite readings. Each spectator reads what he wants to read, according to his own experiences, his repertoire and his cultural interests, resulting in definitions that are more or less close to the nature of the opus.
A work of art is never completely finished. It is always demanding new observations, as a result of the transformations in thought. Concepts will be added along the way, as if the act of observation itself gives rise to new knowledge and doubts regarding the object of art.

Sculpture, object, and setting
The images of levity and equilibrium invent themselves, dialectically, in the process of making something, and in the challenge that the hand and the mind goes through when dealing with matter, space and concepts. The feeling of levity reveals the effort of building, with a metaphor meaning flight, the poetry of the unexpected, the transition from disorder to order, relating reasoning and discerning.
Discreet and contradictory, the parts interact in a momentary (and lasting) rest. Matter coated with color results in a completely different reality, marked by tension, equilibrium, rhythm and the suggestion of space.

To fill the surface of a sheet of paper until you come into contact with the depth of disorder, to inscribe and redefine emptiness. To diagram space and pursue a sense from a distance. The story behind the drawing and emotion. A treatise of semiotics that revolves around itself, objectifying a state of tension. The eye laughs, religiously, at the sensuality of mathematics. Silent writings, do not speak, show nothing. Parallel mirrors that repeat different images. Enigmas that are beyond perspective. Maps of geographical regions that cannot be located. Mirage, abyss, abstraction of absence.

Painting has become a form of canvas restoration. Behind the white surface, where hand and reasoning will come into action, live many shadows, forming an obscure landscape, hiding some of the conflicts of the visual world. The canvas is like an old blackboard, not so much black anymore, but gray. The chalk and the friction of the eraser left behind the scars of numerous scriptures. This is the canvas, a territory with traces of many inscriptions. To paint is to deal with the ghosts of painting, to excavate the density of a surface which looks white, in search of references to build a place, even if it is an unfinished place, to stimulate the reflections of the eye. Painting re-emerges from itself, allowing its dreams and wrinkles to appear, revealing doubts and imperfections, giving the invisible a form. Color and trace vibrate and question themselves as attributes of a support that shelters the staging of a painting.

Almandrade (Antonio Luiz M. Andrade)
plastic Artist, architect, master in urban drawing and poet. It participated of some collective samples, between them: Biennial XII, XIII and XVI of São Paulo; "In Search of the Essence" - it shows special of XIX the Biennial one of São Paulo; IV National Hall; Universe of the Soccer (MAM/Rio); National Fair (S.Paulo); II São Paulo Hall, I Ephemeral International Exposition of Sculpture (Fortaleza); I Bahian Hall; II National Hall; Honrosa mention in the I Estudantil Hall in 1972. It integrated collective of visual, multihalf poems e projects of installations in Brazil and exterior. One of the creators of the Group of Studies of Language of the Bahia that edited the magazine "Semiotics" in 1974. It carried through about twenty individual expositions in Salvador, Recife, Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia and São Paulo between 1975 and 1997; it wrote in some periodicals and magazines specialized on art, architecture and urbanism. Prizes in the competitions of projects for plastic works of art of the Museum of Modern Art of the Bahia, 1981/82. Fundarte prize in XXXIX the Hall of Plastic Arts of Pernambuco in 1986. It edited visual booklets of poetries and/or works: "the Sacrifice of the Direction", "Blacknesses of the Laugh", "Poems", "Nocturnal Sweat" and Architecture of Cotton ". Copene prize of culture and art, 1997.


(Kindness of Almandrade, Brasil)