"Artworks are the virtual traces of a ceaseless process of becoming." -- Henri Focillon

"THESE HANDS" call for entries

"THESE HANDS" call for entries
Click photo to view details of newest CHRISTINE TARANTINO project.

FLUX-USA welcomes visitors from over 40 countries daily. Artists, curators, and other arts leaders who wish to contribute to this blog, please contact me. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com


September 2012

Christine A. Tarantino - Hjuler BROTKATZE collaborations on exhibit at FzKKe Gallery, Germany, Sept. 1 - 30, 2012. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/brotkatzen-exhibit-opens-sept-1.html

With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

THESE HANDS PRAY FOR GERONIMO, a visual poem of American Indians, by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

Christine A. Tarantino's ECDYSIS, snake skin artist book exhibited with 99 other book artists in Italy, curated by Maddalena Castegnaro. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/mirabilibrimostra-internazionale-di.html

Christine A. Tarantino, Sign and Language Group Exhibit, Open Stal, The Netherlands.

Christine A. Tarantino series of 40,"Being Human" published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #20, Ireland.

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine Tarantino is published by Words of Light now available in print or eBook formats. New version includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries plus additional text and images by Christine Tarantino.

August internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist STEVE RANDOM. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/08/steve-random-usa.html

WORDS OF LIGHT BOOKS, Art Publications By Contemporary Artists, new blog offering various format books published by Christine A. Tarantino. www.wordsoflightbooks.blogspot.com

Christine A. Tarantino/Words of Light publishes THE SKY EMBRACES THE GREAT WORLD by Walter Festuccia. http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-festuccia/the-sky-embraces-the-great-world/paperback/product-20294750.html

Christine Tarantino, "Instant Person 1 & 2", self-portraits with Polaroid Camera for POLAROID MADNESS, project of Franticham, Ireland. On-line exhibit and exhibition Kassel, Germany during the DOCUMENTA 2012.http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/02/no-426-instant-person-1-2.html
Exhibition "INSTANT PEOPLE"250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.11.– 23. Juli 2012 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Mittwoch, dem 11. Juli 2012 ab 19 Uhr möchten wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich in denKasseler KunstvereinWerner-Hilpert-Straße 2334117 Kassel, einladen.

Christine A. TARANTINO, "Ecdysis" artist book exhibited at Villa Excelsa, Sannicola, Italia. Curator, Maddalena Castegnaro
Opening night: http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/07/naturalia-animalia-artist-book-exhibit.html

July internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Anna Banana, Darlene Altschul, & John Mountain.

"THESE HANDS" call for entries, newest project from Christine TARANTINO.

June internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Antoni Miró.

"Fear No NewNew Art" artist book published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #19, Ireland.

"E-mail Between the Artist & Her Lover" artist book exhibited Villa Giulia, Italia. Curator Marisa Cortese.

"WHO AM I?" artist book exhibited Mostra Internazionale, Italia. Curator Virginia Milici.

"RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", art booklet by Bruno Chiarlone published in Italy. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/05/red-lips-of-christine-tarantino-by.html

May internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist RYOSUKE COHEN.

Christine TARANTINO, "RED LIPS FOR DALAI LAMA" exhibition @ INviso, Padiglione TIBET, Associazione
Sal Viana frazione Saliana Pianello del Lario (CO)curated by Ruggero Maggi. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/04/inviso-padiglione-tibet-cura-di-ruggero.html

April internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artists Daniel C. Boyer and Richard Canard. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/04/daniel-c-boyer-richard-canard.html

Christine Tarantino, "NEWNEW ART Mono-Prints" published in
"Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 18", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

DODODADIANI featured this month in internet art exhibit at
Christine Tarantino Collection. Dododadiani internet art exhibit.

RED LIPS Project: What is your version for me? Send to:
tarantinochristine@yahoo.com or RED LIPS, Box 121, Wendell, MA 01379 USA
"Sometimes I need red apple. Sometimes I need red
Nam June Paik
Your RED LIPS art modification will yield online documentation, mailed
documentation, and potential publication. Please include a mailing address with
your submission.

Christine Tarantino, "Better Together: Harmony; Radiance; Consciousness; Evolution",
International Mother Language Day Art Exhibit, Kathmandu, NEPAL, by invitation of Rafique Sulayman, Curator.

Christine Tarantino, "Flux-USA Gallery of Stars with Lucy Chew Intervention" http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/12/no-403-flux-usa-galaxy.html
exhibited in Group Show: Fluxfest Chicago 2012 (Chicago, USA) FROM THE ARCHIVE Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis. Opening reception Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

February online art exhibits from 'The Christine Tarantino Collection' features Belgian artists Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski. http://christinetarantinocollection.blogspot.com/2012/01/guido-vermeulen-and-gerson-wenglinski.html

Christine Tarantino, "RED-BERRY Series" published in "Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 17", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.
http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-377-red-berry-stained-series.html http://www.redfoxpress.com/ass.box17.html

FAX Exhibit, The DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA, curated by Ribas; organized by The Drawing Center and ICI, NYC. TARANTINO "I of the EYE-FAX", asemic writing series: http://wordsoflightart.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-416-i-of-eye-fax.html

Wooden Postcard Exhibit, Stehekin Post Office, Stehekin, Washington, USA. Work by Christine Tarantino: http://christinetarantino.blogspot.com/2012/01/outgoing-wooden-postcards-mail-art.html

Christine Tarantino, "PhotoBooth" work published in new book, "Photobooth Performances" by Ginny Lloyd.

Christine Tarantino, Mail Art and Video Performance at Galleriea Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy, January 28 - February 8, 2012. Project of Maurizio Follin, Italia. http://fluxusa.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-commercial-potential-phaze-ii-show.html

Christine Tarantino, RED LIPS for Dalai Lama, collage exhibited at Venice Biennial Tibet Pavilion – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Sala Nervi - Torino, project of Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy.

Christine Tarantino exhibited at Foundation IK New Year Celebration Exhibit "I WISH", The Netherlands, by invitation of Ko de Jonge.

The Christine Tarantino Collection, newest Christine Tarantino art blog started on January 1, 2012. Showcasing selected works from my 20 year collection of works on paper from artists around the globe.

Christine Tarantino-Hjuler BROTKATZE Collaboration exhibited at GALERIE "Offenes Atelier D.U. Design", Austria, Barbara Rapp, Curator.


Exhibition Florica Prevenda, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca-Cluj

I was convinced that I could recreate the past only by using the approach "reasonable not-reasonable", thus revealing and making relive all these "me" passed, all these feelings and perceptions protected by the lapse of memory, in the attempt to find the me-fragmented in dissolution which could exist only by its reconstitution.
-Florica Prevenda

(kindness of Florica)


SISTAHS in AHT! created by Christine Tarantino

Image: Angela Ferrara
New group for women artists on Facebook.
I have no agenda for this, hidden or otherwise...just a show of solidarity which will ripple into tsunamis of 'status and confidence for individuals, groups, previously repressed or ignored'.



Studio photos from Felipe

FLUX-USA internationally visited, new record

Yesterday visitors from 28 countries viewed the pages of FLUX-USA. This is a new high, beating a previous 25 countries in one day. I like to keep track, it is fun and mind-expansive to consider our world of friendships in art.


Bhutan Show coming up soon

International Mother Language Day Art Exhibition in Bhutan 2011
Rafique Sulayman, Curator

all the faces of my last Saturday night.

No , don't call me a charlatan ... i am only following the Joe Tribiani's method of acting .
made in January 2010 , the most stupid thing someone could do in front a camera .
describing by faces how was the last saturday night.
mimic ? the art of miming? Oh no , please ... I didn't get so low. It is only a happy silly sunday morning indoors using the Joe Tribiani's method of acting before to go to sleep ( or taking a shower ).


Ruediger Axel Westphal, Germany

SCAD Museum of Art presents "The Art of Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Freedom Quests"

The SCAD Museum of Art presents its first major exhibition of 2011 with "The Art of Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Freedom Quests," on view Jan. 31 through April 15 at the SCAD Museum of Art, 227 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The exhibition will open with a lecture by Ringgold 7 p.m. Jan. 31 at SCAD's Trustees Theater, 216 E. Broughton St., followed by a book signing. The lecture and exhibition are free and open to the public.

Ringgold, a celebrated African American painter, mixed media sculptor, performance artist and illustrator, has works in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and numerous others. The artist, who has recently celebrated her 80th birthday, is the recipient of numerous honors, among which are 22 honorary doctorates. Her painted story quilts include series such as the French Collection and the American Collection. Her children's book Tar Beach has won Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Awards.
--Art & Education


"Photos de Marie"

a new screen printed accordion book from Redfoxpress, Ireland
You can order with Paypal straight on this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R8HAQ38CQBRHA
or simply order by email to info@redfoxpress.com

Blue Fox Collection
"Photos de Marie"

Vintage film and photo paper wallets
from the thirties till the fifties
mostly from Marie D. in the north of France

Concertina book between 2 painted and printed wooden covers
size 10 x 16 cm (open 16x110 cm)
Handpulled screenprinting on Arches paper
by Francis Van Maele
2011, 75 copies, numbered and signed.
Price: 85 euros / 120 $ / 75 pds st.

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland

Ennio Elefantus Pauluzzi

Ennio Elefantus Pauluzzi is with us!

Two months after the demise of the mailartist Ennio Pauluzzi, DodoDada remembers him with the publication of this “Notebook n° 3”. Thanks to the archives of Anna Boschi and Vittore Baroni, who also wrote an interesting introduction, several examples of Ennio’s postal work between 1989 and 1996 can be admired, as well as other postcards and traces of events he took part in 2008-2010. In short, a publication rich of images to know and appreciate him even more.

Link: http://dododada.ning.com/forum/topics/quaderno-di-dododada-numero-3

Thanks for your attention, ciao to you all,
Claudio Romeo

Visita Dodo/Dada ARTE POSTALE al: http://dododada.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


DOC(K)S_IN-PROGRESS - 1° réceptions

Gruppo Sinestetico
visuels - performances

partecipa a :

ph. Castellin / Jean Torregrosa
7 rue Miss Campbell


Premières Réceptions (décembre - janvier 2011)
Alice Laguarda(texte critique)
Antoine Alliot(3 poèmes visuels)
Armand Le Poète(1 poème visuel)
Alain Biet(2 poèmes objets)
Gwenaël Billaud(2 poèmes objets)
Philippe Boisnard(2 poèmes visuels)
Antoine Boute(poésie visuelle, texte poétique)
David Bruner(performance - photo)
Didier Calleja(5 poèmes visuels, texte poétique)
Sandra Carnot(audio)
Patrice Carre( poème visuel)
Anne-James Chaton( poème visuel)
David Michael Clarke(videos)
Paul Collins(audio, 2)
Connansky / Esther Delbrazo(vidéo)
Julien D'abrigeon(poème visuel)
Daniel Daligand(poème visuel)
Zack Decaen(visuels, 3)
Henri Deluy(poème)
Lydie Descobert(texte, photo)
Gilbert Descossy(texte +visuel
Leo Dofner(acquarelle)
Charles Dreyfus(poésie visuelle
Hervé Duparc(visuels, 6)
Rafael Elisa(Visuel)
El Tiger Comics Group(audio, 1)
Erwan Venn(poésie visuelle)
Jean-Philippe Fee [DDAA - Déficit Des Années Antérieures](audio)
Francine Flandrin(Visuel)
Bartolome Ferrando(partition & audio)
Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret(textes)
Lilianne Giraudon(Visuel)
Michel Giroud(texte)
Annabelle Hulaut(Audio)
Lilianne Giraudon
Gruppo Sinestetico (visuels - performances)
Michel Jeannes(texte et document)
Vincent Julliard(visuel)
Maïté Kessler(texte visuel)
K' Roll(performance, documents)
Guy de Lacroix-Herpin(photo)
Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux(texte)
Lefevre Jean Claude(texte)
Pascal Legras(poésie visuelle, video)
Olivier Lerch(photos, photo-montages, documents)
Guy Mansart( visuel)
Richard Marte( visuel)
Thierry Masquelez(visuel)
Thierry Massard(audio)
Bruno Mendonça(texte, doc photo)
Michèle Métail(visuel)
Philippe Munda(documents photo)
Lydie Jean-Dit-Panelle(install'action, video)
Tibor Papp(visuel)
Charles Pennequin(visuel)
Serge Pey(texte)
Damien Reynaud(visuel)
Yann Ricordel(texte)
Wilfrid Rouff(poésie visuelle)
Laure Simeon(poème, visuel)
Alain Snyers(document photo)
Station Mir - David Dronet(CD Rom animation)
Lucien Suel(poème visuel)
Artur Tajber(visuel)
Nicolas Tardy(poème)(Visuel)
Christian Vanderborght(video)
Véronique Vassiliou(visuels)

[à suivre...]


Nadine Agostini(visuel)
Jean-Pierre Bobillot(poeme visuel)
Nenad Bogdanovic(visuel)
Paul Collins(visuels)
Caterina Davinio(visuel, poème)
Charles Dreyfus(visuel
Frédérique Guétat-Liviani(visuels)
Claude Favre(poèmes)
Antonio Gomez(poème objet)
Boris Nielsony(visuels)
Charles Pennequin(textes)
Wilfrid Rouff(Visuel)
Antoine Simon(poème)
Lucien Suel(texte)

JJ. Albertini"Apnoea" - (video)
Aymeric Brun"Variations" - Poème)
R. Balladi(Videos
John Bennett(poèmes)
Golnaz Behrouznia(video animation)
Antoine Boute(poèmes)
Stéphane Chaumet"Cellules" - Poème)
Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca(Poème visuel)
Fernand Fernandez(poèmes performances video)
Luc Fierens(collages)
Fred Griot(poèmes visuels)
Philippe Jaffeux"Alphabet" - Poème)
Lorenzo Menoud(poèmes)
Christophe Manon(poème visuel)
Xavier Malbreil(poèmes visuels - vidéo)
Jean-Pierre Ostende(texte)
Frédérique Porri(poèmes, visuels)
Shin Tanabe(poèmes)
Gruppo Sinestetico (visuels - performances)
Silvio de Gracia"Copy Art y ElectrografíaCuando la copia es más bella que el original"
Charles Dreyfus"L'actionnisme"
La prochaine livraison de DOC(K)S comprendra 3 parties + 1DVD===
"JOEL HUBAUT"------ 64 pages ou
plus par, et autour, et à propos de Joel Hubaut
(kindness of Antonio Sassu)


found (street + mail) art
(merci à Seb des Pavillons Sauvages, pour son aide)


found commercial postcard + new title and link
... 2007, french fedbaack touch

(scratches + ballpen)/postcard



YOKO ONO, Ed Baker

saw your Yoko Ono post today....

here is a "run" that I did a few years ago... re: Yoko Ono:


re-use if you'd like... credit Karina Klesko's 'sketchbook'
you so do.

cheers, Ed

Winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize is Yoko Ono, e-flux

Yoko Ono.
Photo by Charlotte Muhl and Sean Lennon, 2009.
Courtesy of Yoko Ono.

Winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize Decided Ms. Yoko Ono

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima MOCA)
1-1 Hijiyama Koen, Minami-Ku, Hiroshima, JAPAN

The City of Hiroshima has selected the winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize, Ms. Yoko Ono (born 1933 in Tokyo, currently lives in New York).


TARANTINO visio-textual work, A NICE SCREAM featured

Tarantino(5 works from A NICE SCREAM Series) and others visual poetry:

mailart call "working worlds"

Mailart Call
Arbeitswelten / working worlds

Das schwarze Gold
Hommage an / to Harry Martinson

Fuhrmann meets Bergmann:

Thorsten Fuhrmann, Huglfing, Germany, and Ottmar Bergmann, Gylsboda Art-Center, Sweden, invite you to take part in the Mailartproject „working worlds“ / laden dich zur Teilnahme am Mailartprojekt „Arbeitswelten“ ein.

Einsendeschluss/deadline: 15.07.2011

Format: max. 21 x 30 cm

Technik frei/technique free

Ausstellung/exhibition: Gylsboda Art-Center 01.- 21.08.2011 und / and September 2011 Bahnhof / railwaystation Huglfing

Keine Rückgabe, keine Jury, keine Gebühren / no return, no jury, no fee

Dokumentation an alle Teilnehmer / doc to all

Please send your works to / Versand an:

Gylsboda Art-Center

„working worlds“

PB 2432

28070 Lönsboda


„Männer mit Schlapphüten wuchsen aus dem Boden. Wohin wir Kinder auch gehen mochten, um zu spielen, überall öffneten sich abgrundtiefe Steinbrüche, schwarzwimmelnd von Männern mit Dynamit in den Händen, deren Münder voll von Flüchen, Gesang und gewaltigen Drohungen waren. Um das Leben dieser Männer dröhnte es. Sie bewegten sich dort unten in den Steinklüften wie die Räuber...

Sie bohrten Eisenstöcke in den Berg, trieben sie mit Vorschlagshämmern hinein und dann schossen sie. "Feuer im Berg!" schrien sie und kauerten sich im Pass zusammen. Darauf toste es in der Tiefe , und die ganze Ortschaft um die Eisenbahnstation herum erbebte. So ging es jeden Tag, den ganzen Tag. Überall war der Zutritt verboten. Die Landschaft war aufgerissen und ausgehöhlt. Die Steinbrüche gähnten in den Wäldern Es roch nach Kohlengrus und Öl, und der Dampf der Kräne stand in Wolken um ihr Gehäuse.“ (Harry Martinson, Die Nesseln blühen)

"Men in slouch-hats grew up out of the ground. Wherever we children went to play, stony precipices opened out before them, dark and crawling with men carrying dynamite in their hands. Their mouths were full of oaths and songs and tremendous affirmations.There was a thundering about the lives of these men. They moved about downthere in those stony ravines like the brigands of the Rockies. They bored with iron rods into the rock, drove them down with the sledge-hammers, and then fired. "Blasting"!" the yelled, and clung together on the ledge. Then there was a roar below, and all the buildings of the settlement trembled. It was like this very day all day. Everywhere was forbidden ground.Everywhere the landscape was split up. hollowed out. Stone-pits yawned in the woods. There was a smell of coal-dust and oil, and steam from the winches hung in a cloud round the winch-sheds.!"
(Harry Martinson)
(kindness of Thorsten Fuhrmann)


22688 Days

= 544512 Hours
= 32670720 Minutes
= 1960243200 Seconds


Call for Entries: Positivity/Negativity

send by mail a postcard or other mail piece in the technique of your choice focusing on the positives and negatives of your life. It can be written word as well as visual art.
Small format: not larger than 5x7 inches please
Any technique
Deadline: 12/31/2011
Documented on http://mailartistic.blogspot.com, and via IOUMA. Please also include your email and return address. I will be glad to send you a small piece of art in exchange.

Send to:
Lin Collette
PO Box 293
Pawtucket RI 02860 USA

GIUDICI CARLO MARIA - Invito alla Personale di Pittura a "Le Jardin d'Histoire" Milano

(kindness of Pittore Carlo Maria Giudici)


Theo Nelson


A level art project by Archie Leigh-Jones made from recycled biscuit tins.

TARANTINO in Art Exhibition in Thimphu

Art workshop and exhibition in Bhutan's capital Thimphu.
Revised dates : 11-21 Feb, 2011.
Organized by the embassy of Bangladesh and Buriganga Arts & Crafts.
Event management by Together Communications.
Participants :

Professor Qayyum Chowdhury, Professor Samarjit Roy Choudhury, Mostafizul Haque, Nazma Akther, Habiba Akther Papia, Md. Tokon, Sheikh Azharul Islam, Masudur Rahman, Dr. Shabin Shahriar (Bangladesh).
Christine Tarantino (USA)
Marten Lindblom (Sweden)
Georgia Grigoriadou (Greece)
Dorothea Fleiss, Ruediger Westphal & Erich Paproth (Germany)
Shankar Nath Rimal, Shashi Bikram Shah & D'Ram Palpali (Nepal)
Kama Wangdi & friends (Bhutan)
Sumita Chauhan (India)
Jorge Ivan Restrepo (Honduras)
Mirta Toledo (Argentina)
Curator : Rafique Sulayman
You are invited.


Berth Rites, a chapbook by Nico Vassilakis

This series, Berth Rites, is based on housing potential for homeless and in need people through the takeover of cruise ship fleets worldwide.
16 pages
a pdf of the contents is available to those interested in reviewing


V¦ux BIPVAL pour 2011

L’équipe de la Biennale des Poètes en Val de Marne (BIPVAL) vient vous présenter ses meilleurs vœux pour l’année 2011.


Opening reception for "An Exchange with Sol LeWitt"

Paul Ramirez Jonas, Boarding Pass, 2010.

Dear friends,
Please join us on Thursday, 20 January, for the opening of “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt,” a two-part exhibition curated by Regine Basha and on view at Cabinet and MASS MoCA.

Cabinet: 21 January–5 March, 2011
Opening reception: Thursday, 20 January 2011, 7–9 pm
Location: 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, NY
Gallery hours: 12-6 pm, Tuesday - Saturday
MASS MoCA: 23 January–31 March, 2011
Opening reception: Saturday, 22 January 2011, 7–9 pm
Location: 1040 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
Gallery hours: 11 am–5 pm, every day except Tuesday

Although best-known for the revolutionary role he played in the development of both Conceptualism and Minimalism, Sol LeWitt was also renowned for exchanging works with various artists throughout his lifetime. For LeWitt, the act of exchange seemed to be not only a personal gesture, but also an integral part of his conceptual practice. In addition to encouraging the circulation of artworks through a gift economy that challenged the art world’s dominant transactional model, LeWitt’s practice of trading with friends and strangers had the same qualities of generosity and risk that characterize his work in general. In the spirit of continuing this philosophy, and in conjunction with the “LeWitt Wall Drawing Retrospective” on view at MASS MoCA through 2033, Cabinet and MASS MoCA present “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt”—a curatorial project initiated by independent curator Regine Basha. The two-part exhibition will be on view at Cabinet from 21 January through 5 March 2011 and at MASS MoCA from 23 January through 31 March 2011.

The works of art that LeWitt received throughout his life, as well as records of what he offered in return, are maintained by the Sol LeWitt Private Collection in Chester, Connecticut—Eva Hesse, Steve Reich, Robert Mangold, Hanne Darboven, and Robert Ryman are some of the distinguished artists whose works are included in the collection. LeWitt did not restrict this practice to established contemporaries and friends, but also consistently traded with admirers and amateur artists whom he did not know. Inspired by the artist’s code of conduct, Basha initiated an open call for images, objects, music, film, books, and ephemera. The response was overwhelming, with nearly one thousand contributions received from around the world.
Including TARANTINO Mail Art Call for Sol LeWitt:

MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) is one of the largest centers for contemporary visual and performing arts in the United States and is located in North Adams, Massachusetts, on a restored nineteenth-century factory campus. MASS MoCA’s galleries are open 11 am–5 pm every day except Tuesdays. Gallery admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students, $5 for children 6–16, and free for children 5 and under. Members admitted free year-round. For additional information, call 413-662-2111 or visit massmoca.org.

About Cabinet
Cabinet magazine’s exhibition space was inaugurated in the fall of 2008 to extend the non-profit publication’s engagement with art and culture into the public realm. The venue hosts exhibitions of both contemporary art and historical materials, as well as an eclectic schedule of talks, screenings, and events. Located at 300 Nevins Street (between Sackett and Union) in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, the gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 12–6 pm and is wheelchair accessible. All events and exhibitions at Cabinet are free. For additional information, call 718-222-8434 or visit cabinetmagazine.org.